This Man Proposed to His Girlfriend on the Side of a Cow

We’ve heard some unique proposal stories before, but this one takes the cake.

Or, perhaps we should say more accurately, this one takes the COW.

As in: This is an article about a man who painted his big question to his girlfriend on the side of a farm animal.

Did the proposal moooove her to tears?

Let’s find out….

According to BBC News, Chris Gospel knew for a long time that he wanted Eilidh Fraser to be his wife.

But the Aberdeenshire resident wasn’t certain just how to make this romantic dream into a reality. He wasn’t quite sure how to make his proposal one she would always remember.

And then it occurred to Gospel that Fraser loved her cow, Curlytop, and Gospel loved her — so why not combine those two loves?!?

And that’s how he ended up snapping the photo you see above. 

“Curlytop is Eilidh’s favorite cow,” Gospel told the BBC simply, explaining of his now-fiancee:

“She is around the cows most nights so I managed to write the proposal, and then said we should go down and see her after she got back from work.”

It’s unclear at this moment just what Chris used to write the proposal on the side of the cow.

Some sort of paint, we presume; a kind that can easily be washed off.

“Chris just said, ‘do you want to go check the cows?’ and I was not expecting anything,” Eilidh said of how she got blown away by the proposal, elaborating as follows:

“Curlytop… is an affectionate cow – she’s like a big pet.

“She comes running to us and I see she has something blue on her. Curlytop turns and it says ‘will you marry me’. It was a complete surprise.”

Gospel says he did get down on one knee for the major moment and that Fraser said yes right away.

The latter, who works as a the veterinary lab assistant, says the couple is now trying to find a wedding venue at which Curlytop will be permitted to attend.

That may be a challenge.

Still, we wish Chris and Eilidh nothing but the best.

We hope they milk this cool cow story for all the publicity and even all the money for their wedding that they possibly can.

UPDATE: We’ve now learned that Gospel used a livestock market to write on the cow. Makes sense.

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