This UV Sanitizing Wand Zaps 99.99% of Germs on Your Phone, Mask, Mattress and More

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One of the best ways to help curb the spread of germs is to frequently clean and disinfect the high-touch surfaces you come into contact with every day. There are too many “high touch” surfaces to count, but they include things like your phone, keys, wallet, door knobs, light switches, remote controls, bedding and toiletries.

While you can always disinfect your devices using wipes or a good disinfectant spray, those products require a lot of time to use, and many of the best disinfectant products have been sold out for months. For a more efficient and effective way to clean high-touch surfaces around the house, consider a UV sanitizing wand, like this one from Sharper Image.

The world-famous accessories brand has its Travel UV Sanitizing Wand on sale for just $65 right now when you add two or more to cart (it’s $79 on its own, which is still a great deal).

Sharper Image

Travel UV Sanitizing Wand, $79 (or two for $130), available at Sharper Image

The Travel UV Sanitizing Wand uses powerful Ultraviolet-C light to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, including E. coli. Hold the portable device in your hand and wave it slowly over anything you want to disinfect. Sharper Image says the wand’s UV light can help reduce microscopic germs, mold and irritants that cause colds, infections, asthma and allergic reactions.

This compact device is no larger than a hair straightener, and it’s completely wireless, running on four AA batteries. It naturally eliminates germs and bacteria, with no odors or harsh chemicals. Disinfectant wipes or sprays can leave a sticky residue and artificial scent, and they aren’t designed to be used on things that come into close contact with your skin (I.e. bedding and towels). This sanitizer wand, however, leaves no residue and is safe to use on almost all surfaces, from floors to fabrics.

According to Sharper Image, the best way to disinfect your bedding and mattress is to hold this UV-C light sanitizing wand approximately 1-2 inches from the surface and gradually move the wand over the entire area. Allow the light to stay on each area for 5-10 seconds before moving.

You can also use this sanitizing wand on toiletries and accessories, like combs, toothbrushes and razors, and we like it for sanitizing bathroom fixtures, like taps, toilets and light switches. To use: hold the UV wand about 2-4 inches from the surface and allow the light to penetrate for 10-20 seconds before moving.

Sharper Image

SHOP: Portable UV Sanitizing Wand at Sharper Image

Other uses include swiping the wand over your computer keyboards, phone, sunglasses, remotes, door handles and packages. Sharper Image says the device is even safe to use on baby toys, cribs and blankets.

Similar UV sanitizing wands cost well over $100, but this deal gets you two portable sanitizers for just $65 each. We recommend keeping one at home, and one in your car, to disinfect your steering wheel, dashboard knobs and door handles. It’s portable enough to tuck into your bag too, when you want to sanitize the grocery cart, gas pump or other high-touch surfaces when you’re outside the home.

Get the Sharper Image Travel UV Sanitizing Wand on sale starting at just $65 right now. See more details and features here.

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