Thomas Ravenel Hastily Retracts Ashley Jacobs Cheating Claims!

Over the weekend, Thomas Ravenel accused Ashley Jacobs of having cheated on him during their relationship. He didn’t provide any details — he just made the claim.

Ashley denied cheating in a public statement, essentially saying that Thomas was just upset and wanted to lash out.

Now, Thomas is walking back his words — with very good reason.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Thomas writes: “I have no information that Ashley Jacobs ever cheated on me.”

“In fact as far as I know she has always been true and faithful,” Thomas affirms.

Thomas adds that this was true “especially during the really dark times.”

One assumes that he is referring to the multiple accusations of sexual assault that he is facing.

Thomas admits: “She didn’t deserve my insinuations to the contrary.”

RadarOnline reports that Ashley Jacobs threatened legal action over Thomas’ accusatory tweets.

“Ashley was so upset that Thomas accused her of cheating,” an insider tells the tabloid.

It’s true that he didn’t spell out his accusations, but the source says that “even if it wasn’t by name, everyone knows it was about her.”


In fact, it’s difficult to read his words as anything else but an accusations that Ashley was screwing around with other dudes during their relationship.

The insider says that “she called his attorney super upset about what he wrote.”

We would imagine so. Ashley’s had enough trouble dating after Thomas as it is.

(To be fair, that’s probably because a lot of people saw her vicious verbal attacks on Southern Charm and don’t want that in their lives)

It’s not clear what she said to the attorney, but apparently it worked, “and Thomas quickly put up the new statement.”

Well, at least that is taken care of.

In case you’ve forgotten Thomas’ words from the weekend, here are his insinuations:

“Today, my personal life just took a huge upward turn,” he wrote. “I finally have more than enough information to move forward without any doubt or hesitation and I’ll never look back.”

On its own, that’s super vague. Unfortunately, he elaborated.

“After 30 years,” Thomas continued. “I finally understand the lyrics from that wonderful Chicago tune:”

He reminds followers of the lyrics: “If she would have been faithful / if she could have been true / then I would have been cheated / I would have never known real love.”

We can’t confirm the report that Ashley made a call to Thomas’ attorney, so it’s always possible that Thomas simply decided to retract those words on his own.

According to a number of his fellow Southern Charm stars, Thomas behaves like a decent guy most of the time.

They — and others — have said that his gentlemanly behavior can sometimes give way and reveal someone with an unkind or even frightening temperament 

The relationship between Ashley and Thomas was unnerving to a number of people, who despite Ashley’s extremely hostile behavior found themselves worried that she was in a toxic relationship.

Hopefully, she can move ahead, work on her behavior, and, in time, leave this chapter of her life behind her.

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