TikToker Impressively Turns Her Hookup History Into Spreadsheet Data – See What She Learned!

As we may all know, finding a relationship is a tricky environment to navigate — especially if you join the world of online dating apps. And it sadly requires a certain amount of trial and error (and charts) before you find that special person(s). If you’re doing a double-take right now, yes, we said charts!

In case this hasn’t shown up on your For You Page, a woman on TikTok hilariously confessed in a series of videos that she made a spreadsheet ranking and categorizing everyone she has ever hooked up with — including how good they were in bed and why they broke up.

“When I first started online dating a couple of years ago I made a spreadsheet. I had things like how excited I was to meet them, how the good sex was, how I rated the first date, what did we do for the first date. When we met, what app we met on, how many dates we went on, why I stopped seeing them, their approximate height, and their occupation.”

We think it’s safe to say we all appreciate her meticulous effort here, and we do not possess the same dedicated energy to do all of this work! LOLz!

The Sagittarius star sign (yes, sorry, she is not a Virgo despite the energy she radiates) added that she even made some colorful graphs to easily digest the information.

“I made charts using my data as well because data is beautiful.”

It’s the commitment for us! Take a look at what we are talking about (below):

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