Todd Rundgren Announces Virtual Tour Tailored For Specific Cities

Todd Rundgren has announced a 25-city virtual “Clearly Human Tour” to hit the metaphorical road in February, 2021.

The cleverly designed tour is set to be performed live from Chicago, but the individual shows will be “localized” to the city that it was created for, including local landmarks featured on the video wall.

Fans attempting to purchase tickets for the event will be limited by the zip codes of the greater metropolitan area to which they belong and can only book the city slot within their own state, if there is one.

Additionally, fans will also be able to purchase tickets to remote meet-and-greets and shall be added to rows of video screens during the time of the performance, bringing a concert-like ambiance to the show.

“People are trying to compensate often by doing one big show and trying to get as much audience as possible,” Rundgren shared with Rolling Stone. “While that does unify the audience, it doesn’t give the audience that sense of special attention when you come to their town.”

He added, “At the same time, we have to try to figure out ways that as performers, we don’t wind up feeling like we’re doing a residence at a hotel.”

The tour is set to kick off on February 14 “in” Buffalo, N.Y. and wind to a close on March 22 “in” Seattle. Tickets for the event are available for purchase now.

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