Tom Segura 'donating t-shirt profits' to family of penis prank man

Comedian Tom Segura has reportedly vowed to donate profits from sales of his coronavirus t-shirts to the family of the man used on them – and also the center of a penis prank. 

Over the past few weeks, thousands of people have been subjected to a prank on WhatsApp and social media which directs them to a link supposedly with important information relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

However, it actually takes them to an explicit photo of a man sitting on the edge of a bed with his penis on-show. 

The man in question is former porn star Wardy Joubert III – stage name Wood – who sadly died in 2016. 

Well according to TMZ, Segura has since been selling t-shirts with Wardy’s face on it with the slogan ‘wash your hands’ as a PSA for the coronavirus pandemic. 

It was reported that the photographer who took the explicit photo, named Walter Smith, wanted Wardy’s family to get a cut of profits due to the image being used on merchandise. 

Walter isn’t upset that his photograph is reportedly being sold without his permission but simply wants Wardy’s family to benefit financially. 

Segura has now stepped in to donate proceeds from his t-shirts to Wardy’s fiance who wants to pay for a tombstone at his family cemetery plot in San Francisco. 

The fiance claims Wardy took part in the photoshoot to earn money to save his childhood home. She was reportedly unaware her late fiance was at the centre of the text prank. has reached out to Tom Segura for comment.

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