Transgender Star Jessica Alves Bedridden by Pain After Losing Virginity as Woman

The TV personality claims she has lost her virginity after gender reassignment but the pain from having sex as a woman forced her to stay in bed for days.

AceShowbiz -Brazilian TV personality Jessica Alves has lost her virginity as a woman but reveals the pain left her in bed for days.

The reality star, 38, underwent gender reassignment surgery at the start of 2021, months after coming out as transgender, and in recent weeks she’s opened up about her dream of having sex as a female.

That has now happened, but Alves admits it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

“My first time was painful after sex,” she tells Brazilian TV show “Superpop“. “I had to take painkillers and stay in bed. When I called the surgeon in Thailand he said that the pain was normal. And so was a little blood.”

Alves admits she’s getting used to the discomfort, “Now it is fine – no pain anymore! And seven months after my sex change I couldn’t be any happier!”

Jessica now wants to pose naked on the cover of Playboy magazine, and even has dreams of becoming a mother.

“The womb surgery is possible but due to the fact that my pelvis is a male pelvis it doesn’t enlarge, nor is it able to hold a baby. I have now given up on the surgery. I am very upset and frustrated as I would have loved to carry my own baby. And now I am studying other options in order to have my own family.

“It is very frustrating to know that the surgery exists and that I am not a good candidate. I had a lot of exams in the UK, Turkey and now in Brazil and I had a lot of opinions from the doctors which made me confused. But all of them agreed that my pelvis would not enlarge if I fell pregnant.”

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