Tyron Woodley Says Colby Covington Is a Total Fraud, Political Schtick Is an Act

Tyron Woodley says Colby Covington isn’t really a “MAGA” poster boy at heart — claiming it’s all an act for attention.

Tyron and Colby go back years — they used to be teammates at American Top Team before becoming enemies.

Now, they’re set to settle their beef once and for all on Saturday — and Colby has been promoting the fight as a Republican vs. Democrat throw down.

“You got red versus blue,” Colby said Thursday … “You got me, capitalism, versus him, communism. And, you got me, MAGA, versus him, maggot.”

You may have seen Colby hanging with President Donald Trump over the weekend — POTUS showered Covington with praise.

But, Tyron says the REAL Colby is NOTHING like the character he pushes to the public … insisting he used to be a “culture vulture” who was “in my gym doing the Nae Nae”

Tyron says Colby “created this entire image and culture based upon trying to get my attention … and guess what, now you got it.”

So, who’s the real Colby?

“Colby Covington is a lost soul,” Woodley says … “He’s a selfish individual. He’s burned so many bridges. Burned a bridge with Jon Jones as a roommate, Jorge Masvidal as a roommate, a teammate and friend, myself, American Top Team and the list just goes on.”

Tyron says he’s excited to finally stop the talking and fight it out on Saturday. #CantWait

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