Ulrika Jonsson, 52, looks for love on an over-50s dating app

Ulrika Jonsson, 52, looks for love on an over-50s dating app – describing herself as a nutter – after admitting that she only had sex with ex-husband Brian Monet once in eight years

  • Ulrika Jonsson says she is ‘looking for some intimacy’ on her dating profile 
  • 52-year-old says she is searching for love and a ‘lot of laughs’ and ‘some fun’
  • Mother-of-four states ‘no arrogant men need apply’ and that ‘honest is valued’

Admirers of Ulrika Jonsson now have the chance to date her– as long as they are at least 50 and don’t mind the company of a self-declared ‘nutter’.

Miss Jonsson, 52, says on a new online dating profile that she is looking for ‘some intimacy’ – after admitting she had sex with ex-husband Brian Monet only once in eight years.

The TV presenter, who is searching for love online following her third divorce, is also after a ‘lot of laughs’ and ‘some fun’.

Miss Jonsson has joined dating app Lumen, whose 1.5 million members are all 50 or over.

Admirers of Ulrika Jonsson (pictured above) now have the chance to date her through the Lumen App 

Her dating profile is pictured above which shows he key attributes and photos of the 52-year-old 

On her profile, which goes live today, the Swede describes herself as a ‘52-year-old bird – thrice divorced – who has dedicated her life to family’.

She says she is ‘kind, loving, fiercely independent and hard-working’ and would like a ‘new phase of life to begin’.

Potential suitors must love dogs and must not be full of themselves – ‘honesty valued; no arrogant men need apply’.

The mother-of-four adds: ‘Having spent my entire life fitting in with kids, it would be nice to find someone who fits in with me. Would love a lot of laughs; some fun; some intimacy and definitely some good food.’

She concludes her description of herself: ‘Love the countryside; peace and quiet; rum and rioja – but not together; fab dancer under the influence. Nutter.’

Miss Jonsson added: ‘I’ve never had a type – variety is the spice of life. I want vitality, excitement, fun and intimacy.

I’ve had almost zero experience of dating before – I’m basically a dating virgin.

‘Online dating is quite amazing really. It’s the detective work side of things that I find appealing – having to work someone out; build up a picture without meeting first.’

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