Ulrika Jonsson brands Liz Hurley’s topless photo ‘wholly inappropriate’

Ulrika Jonsson has shared her thoughts on Liz Hurley’s controversial topless photo in the show, and branded the shoot ‘wholly inappropriate’. 

The Royals actress Liz, 55, raised eyebrows when she shared a photo of herself posing in the snow wearing only a thick jacket and knickers without a bra. 

It was initially assumed that Liz’s son Damian Hurley, 18, had taken the racy snap but the actress later confirmed it was actually her 80-year-old mother. 

That didn’t make it any less uncomfortable for Ulrika, who said that while Liz looked amazing, it probably should have been taken by someone other than a family member. 

Writing in her column with The Sun, Ulrika said: ‘There is no doubt about it. Liz Hurley looks the nuts. At 55, she’s two years older than me and she’s a corker.’ 

Ulrika, who recalled a time when women over 50 were pushed aside, insisted she ‘absolutely adores’ seeing mature women owning their bodies on social media. 

However, she admitted: ‘What I find so deeply uncomfortable about the most recent photos she has posted of herself topless in a fake fur jacket in the snow, is that the pictures were taken by her 80-year-old mum… 

‘Would I ask my 73-year-old mum or 26-year-old son to take pictures of me in just my underwear? Not on your nelly.

‘Firstly, it would never happen because I think my [mother] would both be mortified at the thought.

‘But secondly, it just feels wholly inappropriate.

‘It feels like asking my close family to capture my sexy side; indulge me as a sexual creature or, God forbid, it’s a mere whisper away from asking them to witness an intimate moment.’ 

Ulrika, 53, added that she doesn’t condemn Liz for being naked in front of her family but believes getting them involved in her ‘sexy photo shoot’ is ‘crossing a boundary’. 

Piers Morgan was among those who laid into Liz for the topless photo and mistakenly thought Damian had taken it. 

The presenter said on Good Morning Britain: ‘Yeah she looks fabulous, but what are you doing Liz? Bit of snow and you get your kit off? 

‘And who took the pictures? Your 18 year old/19 year old son? Really? What is all this? It’s what we call in the business – I call it thirsty.’ 

Responding to the criticism, Liz told her Instagram followers: ‘Far be it for me to suggest the tabloids get their facts muddled, but these pics were in fact taken by my 80 year old mother.’ 

She then joked: ‘Not entirely sure if that puts minds at rest or not’. 

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