Value of Katie Price’s house revealed – and it’s nowhere near what she’d hoped

Katie Price is reportedly hoping to flog her nine-bedroom West Sussex country pile for £2million.

But that bad news is that it might not be worth anywhere near that, with official estimates valuing the run-down property at just £1.6million, just £300,000 more than Katie paid back in 2014.

What’s more, while houses in the local area have on average increased in price by 29.45 per cent over five years, KP’s has only risen by 16.3 per cent in her four years of ownership.

As previously reported, her mortgage alone is said to be in the region of £10,000 a month, with further running costs of £10,000.

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But according to property website Zoopla, the mortgage and bills combined should be just a fraction of that at £4,385.

Since Katie bought the home from former Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude, the 1930s house – which comes with 12.25 acres, a swimming pool, tennis courts, stables and paddocks – has fallen into a state of disrepair .

The once beloved pool now lies dirty and abandoned, while the tennis courts are overgrown and unused.

Recent pictures revealed piles of clothes, bags and children’s toys dumped outside her front entrance, and a broken down dumper truck left rotting in her front garden.

Inside, a source recently claimed the once grand mansion smells ‘like a petting zoo’, because she lets her dogs do their business indoors.

It comes after the mother-of-five – who was once worth £45million – narrowly swerved bankruptcy by offering the courts a repayment plan for an unpaid £20,000 tax bill.

And that’s said to be just the tip of the iceberg, with her debts estimated to total £600,000 , including a second mortgage she took out on the property in 2016.

However, the plucky star has vowed to bounce back with her rep telling Mirror Online, "Katie is moving forward to improve her current situation."

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