Vanessa & Laura Marano Reveal How Never Giving Up Helped Them Get ‘Saving Zoe’ Made

Laura and Vanessa Marano walk through a grassy field in this shot from their Grumpy magazine cover story.

The two sisters are opening up about their new movie, Saving Zoe, which is out today on VOD and in select theaters. Check out what they said below:

Vanessa on making a movie with her sister: “It’s crazy. I know a lot of siblings who act in this business together and I feel like Laura and I have a very unique experience, in a sense that we both had very individual careers and we never really worked on the same project. That was amazing because we both got to build ourselves up as individuals. That’s something that has been so helpful for us, because you see somebody else going through a similar experience but having their own journey.”

Laura on her emotional role as Echo: “I really felt this pressure that I was putting on myself to do what I read while reading Saving Zoë, and to do justice to how I read and perceived Echo. And it was definitely taxing emotionally, adding on top of that the fact that we were also producing. It’s not just difficult acting by itself. There were some pretty intense challenges that came, but I think that’s what made it. It’s the most rewarding project I’ve ever been a part of.”

Vanessa on never giving up on the film: It took us so long to get this project made and it got made, which means for anybody out there who is trying to accomplish a goal, it can happen. We totally understand every stage of the process of trying to make something happen for yourself, the frustration, the rejection, the hopelessness. Sometimes timing is not your best friend, sometimes it’s like this is the worst time to be doing something, but you have to push through and keep going because eventually, it’s the right time to tell a story.”

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