Victoria Beckham dishes out marriage advice after 22 years with David

‘It’s about having fun!’ Victoria Beckham gives her best marriage advice as she appears on US morning television days after son Brooklyn was roasted for making a sandwich

Victoria Beckham is opening up about her 22-year-marriage to husband David Beckham.

The former Spice Girl made a surprise appearance on Good Morning America Tuesday to promote her new beauty line, just days after son Brooklyn Beckham went viral for making a sandwich on the Today show. 

She is also scheduled to appear on Live! with Kelly Ripa and the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in what appears to be a publicity blitz.  

While Brooklyn’s questionable culinary skills were not mentioned, co-host George Stephanopoulos did ask the fashion designer what kind ‘marriage wisdom’ she hopes to pass on to her children.

Pearls of wisdom: Victoria Beckham has revealed her best marriage advice after 22 years with husband David Beckham, saying ‘I genuinely love being with him’ appearing on GMA Tuesday

‘Oh my goodness, marriage wisdom, you know, I don’t know,’ the 47-year-old began. ‘We’re very supportive of each other. Um, he’s an incredible dad, um, and a wonderful husband, and we have a lot of fun.’

Victoria continued: ‘We support each other in everything that we do. But it’s about having fun, enjoying that person’s company, I genuinely love being with him. Which is good!’ She added dryly: ‘After all these years.’

Making Robin Roberts and Michael Strahan laugh, Victoria quipped: ‘It’s a bonus!’ 

22 years strong: Victoria, 47, has dished on her best marriage advice to husband David, 46 

Impressed: Hosts Michael Strahan, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos all appeared to be charmed by the former Spice Girl 

Cheeky posh! Victoria is seen having a laugh with host Michael Strahan after he tried to get her to commit to another Spice Girls reunion 

Strahan then began to grill Beckham on whether she would ever return to the Spice Girls, but sadly, it was another no from the mom-of-four. 

‘I think you asked me this the last time!’ Victoria said with a smile. ‘You know I think the Spice Girls were such a big success… but I think my times of singing on stage are behind me.’ 

Having a little joke with Strahan, she then talked about her new passion of making beauty products for ‘her community’ saying she ultimately wants to ‘give them what they want, what they really, really want,’ referencing their hit Wannabe.

Awkward: Victoria’s son Brooklyn’s questionable culinary skills were not mentioned

Viral: Brooklyn began trending last week when he made a breakfast sandwich on the Today show

Pointing at Strahan she added: ‘There you go!’ 

The timing of Victoria’s appearances comes days after her son Brooklyn hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons – as he was mocked for making a breakfast sandwich on the Today show. 

At the start of the segment, Brooklyn was seen telling viewers about dad David’s love of food, before waxing lyrical about his ‘favourite’ cast-iron skillet, which was already filled with pre-cooked sausages and bacon rashers.

He added that his love of cooking began to flourish during quarantine, when he began posting videos of himself making different dishes on his Instagram account.

Wow! Victoria Beckham was certainly commanding attention as she headed to the Good Morning America studios in NYC on Tuesday in a Ronald McDonald-inspired outfit

Chic: Victoria completed the look with a neon green clutch bag and wore her trademark dark shades to shield her eyes despite the dreary weather

Couldn’t miss her: The fashion designer, 47, wowed in wide-leg bright yellow trousers which she teamed with a red jumper

‘I’ve always loved food and obviously when quarantine hit I just really started to get into it,’ he explained.

‘My fiancee (Nicola Peltz) started filming me and I started posting it and it’s just something I love doing.’

Brooklyn then began preparing the sandwich ingredients – and it was here that viewers’ online mockery really took off, with social media users blasting everything from his hatred of ‘runny eggs’ to the lack of butter on the bread.

‘Brooklyn Beckham went on tv to show his culinary skills and cooked……a breakfast sandwich! I am done!’ one person wrote on Twitter, as another person added: ‘Why in the f*** is Brooklyn Beckham on my TV cooking a basic a** breakfast sandwich?????’

Friendly: She blew kisses to the audience as she headed onto the TV set

Friendly wave: She interacted with her fans at the TV studios 

The photographer and model shared several ‘tips’ during the preparation of the sandwich, revealing that he likes to cut his sausages down the middle so he can cook the insides, and explaining that he uses his fingers to poke the egg yolks so that they cook up and don’t stay runny.

‘Brooklyn I can’t believe you never left the egg runny!!! You just ruined a good sandwich,’ one person tweeted in response to his egg-cooking technique.

Meanwhile, on her way into the studios in NYC, Victoria appeared to be taking inspiration from Ronald McDonald in a very colorful ensemble.

Excited: Victoria also took to social media to share a snap of the outfit and told fans she would be on the show

The former pop singer wowed in wide-leg bright yellow trousers which she teamed with a red jumper.  

She showed off her lean figure in the high-waisted chinos as she stepped out in style. 

Victoria completed the look with a neon green clutch bag and wore her trademark dark shades to shield her eyes despite the dreary weather. 

The beauty wore her dark tresses swept back and opted for a naturally pretty makeup look.

Victoria Beckham leaves fans asking ‘what’s happened to your face?’ on Good Morning America

Victoria Beckham made a typically glamorous appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday where she was promoting her new cream cheek colour, Cheeky Posh. 

However many viewers were taken aback by the former Spice Girl’s appearance, with one Twitter user wondering: ‘What’s happened to her face?’ as Victoria was sporting noticeably fuller lips during the interview. Another begged: ‘Please no more lip fillers.’

‘Love Victoria Beckham but what’s been done to her lips is a shame,’ someone else tweeted.

Strong reaction: Fans were quick to talk about Victoria’s seemingly fuller pout

Another penned: ‘Victoria Beckham on GMA is freaking me out. She only moves her eye lids and lips when speaking… it’s so unnatural and distracting. The botox/filler game can work for pics, but wow it’s not good for life things.’

‘My gosh her lip injection looks terrible. Whyyyyy are women doing this to themselves??!!,’ another asked, followed by someone else posting: ‘Victoria beckham got the extra good lip filler i see!’

Another penned: ‘Watching @GMA and asking myself what’s wrong with @victoriabeckham lips. She seem that like she doesn’t have an upper lip!’

Someone else penned: ‘Victoria Beckham looks freakish. Geez Ladies. What is the goal? What is the ultimate look. Face pulled back to behind the ears. Lips busted and glossed. Stretched out Cat eyes. Sorry, I just turned 47, maybe I’m just getting too old for these older ladies.’ 

Social buzz: Many took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the subject 

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