Video of Former OWN Star, Pastor John Gray, Speaking To His Alleged Mistress About His Wife Surfaces in Gray's Third Public Cheating Scandal

Pastor John Gray is in hot water again after another woman alleging to be his mistress has come forward with shocking testimony about her relationship with the former OWN reality star. The woman in question has video evidence she says if of Pastor Gray complaining about his wife’s shortcomings and more.

Fans of Pastor Gray remember his 2018 cheating scandal that ended with his wife publicly forgiving and defending his honor, claiming Pastor Gray was seeking external validation from women. Many have been critical of the famous Pastor, believing his behavior is hypocritical. 

A recap of Pastor John Gray’s cheating scandal

News of Pastor Gray’s infidelity first hit the net in 2018. The internet gasped when he gifted his wife, Aventer, a Lamborghini. Rumors about Pastor Gray purchasing the luxury car for his wife because of his cheating ran rampant.

The couple went on a media campaign to discuss the allegations of Pastor Gray’s infidelity. He admits to an emotional affair of sorts, though the public believes he also had a sexual relationship with another woman. While Pastor Gray and Aventer don’t go into detail about his affair, he says that his wife’s forgiveness makes him a better man and credits her with maturing him.

During an interview with TV One’s Sister Circle, Pastor Gray explains the analogy that his wife is responsible for “birthing” him.

I married a woman two sizes too big. I have to grow into Aventer. She’s a coat. I still can’t fit her. She’s bigger than me and she’s had to cover me while I grow up. I gotta grow into her. She’s a covering, not a lid. Because if a man marries a lid she’ll stop your dream. But if you marrying a covering, she’ll push you to your destiny. Let me tell you something, my wife has endured more pain birthing me than both of our children. She has sacrificed these last eight years, uncovering the painful areas of my manhood and covering the areas that could have exposed me.

A year later, another woman revealed on Larry Reid’s YouTube channel that she and Pastor Gray met up several times at different hotels.

Pastor John Gray faces new cheating allegations; tells mistress his wife doesn’t cook

Despite the Gray’s moving on after infidelity, it appears Pastor Gray may be up to his old tricks. The self-proclaimed “entertainment troll” and popular YouTube vlogger Tasha K’s new video reveals damaging receipts she claims are from Pastor Gray’s new mistress.

A woman says she and Gray were in communication for several months. During that time, she claims the two engaged in conversations sexual in nature and that he went out of his way to try and visit her, including sending her cash payments and inviting her on trips to Cabo during to the pandemic on his private plane. 

Tasha K’s Instagram account features screenshots of alleged texts between the women and Pastor Gray, one of which Pastor Gray requests provocative photos from the woman.

In the most shocking video, Pastor Gray reveals to the woman that his wife of 10 years and the mother of his children does not cook. He pans the camera to his son in the backseat of his car, prompting the child to corroborate his story. The young child says that his mother cooks him pizza in the oven when his father refuses kitchen duty.

Tasha K is now alleging in a Twitter post that Aventer is threatening legal action against her, despite Tasha K claiming she gave Aventer a heads up that she was breaking the story. Tasha K also alleges that Aventer gave her the OK to share the story.

Pastor Gray has yet to publicly respond to the allegations, but a source claiming to be close to the situation tells The Shade Room that the relationship between him and the woman was merely friendship and claims extortion. 

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