Ving Rhames Says Cops Held Him At Gunpoint After He Was Accused Of Breaking Into Own Home

‘Mission Impossible’ actor Ving Rhames appeared on ‘The Clay Cane Show’ on July 27 and shockingly admitted that his neighbor once mistook him for a robber in his own home due to his race and called the cops.

Ving Rhames, 59, who is one of the stars of the new film Mission: Impossible – Fallout, shared a shocking story about his own experience with racism when he was interviewed on The Clay Cane Show in its July 27 interview and it’s pretty brutal. The black actor claimed he was once held at gunpoint by police after his neighbors mistook him for someone else and called the cops to report “a large black man” breaking in his home. The incident happened one afternoon earlier this year and at the time of the cops’ arrival, Ving said he was just sitting in his house watching ESPN on television when he heard them in the backyard. At first, he thought the noise was just two puppies messing around but then he heard a knock on the front door. “I open the door and there is a red dot pointed at my face from a 9mm,” he explained in the interview. “They say put up your hands, literally. I just walked and opened up the door. Then they said: ‘Open the front screen door.’ They say do it with one hand so then I have to do it with one hand. My hands are up and they have me outside.”

The police force that showed up and told Ving to keep his hands up in the scary situation was not small, either. In addition to the officer pointing the gun, there were two other officers as well as a police dog and the chief of police, who is the one who recognized Ving and told the rest of the officers to stand down. That’s when they told him they were responding to the neighbor’s call. It was then that Ving and the police officers went over to the neighbor’s home to confront her but when they did, she denied she made the call. “You can check this with the Santa Monica Police Department,” Ving continued. “They apologized and what have you. This is the God’s honest truth.” A spokesperson for the police department told The Blast that the incident did occur but it was in July 2016.

Although Ving said he feels like the call was centered on racism because he thinks he was assumed to be a robber just because of the color of his skin, the department claimed that there were multiple home invasions in that area at the time so they feel their reaction was “appropriate.” The spokesperson also claimed that due to Ving’s unfortunate incident, they put together a program called “Meet Your Neighbors” so that neighbors can arrange meet-and-greets and avoid another situation like Ving’s from happening again. Despite the actions being taken to prevent further incidents, Ving still worries about his son, Freedom, 16, and what would have happened if he was the one home that day. “My problem is, as I said this to them, what if it was my son and he had a video game remote or something and you thought it was a gun?,” Ving said.

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