‘Waking Up In The Morning’ TikTok Trend Explained After ‘RHONJ’ Clip Sparks Viral Videos

Wondering where that viral ‘Waking Up In The Morning’ song came from, which seems to be in just about every TikTok video? Here’s how it all started with an old ‘RHONJ’ clip.

Scroll through TikTok for a minute, and you’ll most likely hear these sad words: “Waking up in the morning, thinking of so many things…I just wish things would get better.” The song has become an anthem for TikTok users’ most embarrassing moments. A standard clip usually begins with the TikTok user passionately mouthing along to the lyrics before cutting to footage of said cringey moment, such as getting broken up with in the middle of prom or having a wedding ceremony with a cardboard cut-out of Harry Styles.

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