Was Catherine Zeta-Jones drunk in a video promoting her eye pencil?

As CB and Kaiser have covered, Catherine Zeta-Jones is leaning heavily into her promotion for her Casa Zeta Jones lifestyle brand. Her latest Casa ZJ (why didn’t she name it that?) is a beauty arm of her proposed empire. Monday, Catherine got so excited about her new eye pencil, she couldn’t wait to show it off. So she and her overworked smokey eyes filmed a guerrilla teaser for Instagram. Many on the internet are wondering if CZJ had a little liquid courage before posting this.

When you can’t hold a secret and your hair gets in the way?Casa Zeta-Jones ‘The perfect Smoky Eye Pencil’ due date… Tomorrow ?Yahooooooioo

Catherine is certainly relaxed here. Maybe I’m just a sloppier drunk but I’m not getting a wine waft as much an Eau de Xanax vibe. Regardless of what got her here, I’m just glad she came. I do have questions, though. Was holding the pencil upside down a design choice? Or was moving it quickly supposed to make us watch repeatedly? Who choose the angle to film this, her Maltipoo? Speaking of her pup, Taylor – is that who directed Catherine’s hair in the clip? Does this “perfect smokey eye pencil” come with detailed instructions? Because at this point, my only hope to obtain a smokey look is to have someone actually blow smoke in my eye and hope my mascara runs. Lastly, why does one need a perfect smokey eye to “go to the kitchen to cook?” Is that why my bechamel was lumpy the other night, because I hadn’t lined my underlid? Jacques Pepin left that out of the recipe.

Maybe the next ad campaign could be Catherine having a glass or four of wine and actually applying the makeup – then we’ll see how well this stuff performs. Or show the after when she’s done cooking, how quickly does that look go from flawless to Alice Cooper? People are questioning how her ad team let her put – and keep – this video up but I’ll bet they are already planning their next one, “When’s CZJ’s birthday? Send over a case of champagne and some lip pens and see what kind of painted masterpiece we get.”

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