Washington Walmart Road Rage Incident Ends with Shots Fired

A road rage incident turned potentially deadly when one of the idiots pulled out a gun and fired at the other idiot … and it was all captured on video.

It went down Friday at a Walmart in Bonney Lake, Washington.  The video begins mid-rage, when the guy gets violently thrown to the ground.  He’s able to stand and unsteadily walks to his car, where he grabs what looks like a weapon.

The other driver leaves, and the guy delivers a parting shot by slamming his hand on the back of the car.

The other jerk actually drives back for more, and then the guy with the gun — who’s covered in blood — starts shooting. It looks like he’s shooting at the tires, but who knows.

The person shooting the video understandably freaks out.  Both drivers fled before cops arrived.  Cops were able to find both men and they were taken into custody.  One of them was taken to the hospital with non-serious injuries … apparently the result of the physical altercation and not the shooting.

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