Weinstein accuser allegedly told ex-pal he gave her ‘the best orgasm’

One of Harvey Weinstein’s rape accusers called the disgraced movie mogul her “spiritual soulmate” — and said she had the “best orgasm’’ with him, a former pal testified in Manhattan court Monday.

Talita “Coco” Maia, a Brazilian actress and ex-friend of alleged victim Jessica Mann, was asked on the stand what Mann revealed about her affair with Weinstein, which the accuser has acknowledged was partly consensual.

“Did [Mann] ever have a conversation with you regarding Harvey, about her interactions with him being the best orgasm she has ever had?’’ Weinstein’s lawyer Donna Rotunno asked Maia.

The defense witness replied, “She did volunteer that information at some point.’’

Mann testified last week that she faked an orgasm during a sex attack by Weinstein, telling him, “It was the best I ever had,’’ just to get away.

Maia glanced at Weinstein and smiled as she was called to the witness stand at his Manhattan Supreme Court trial.

The witness, who was Mann’s roommate in Los Angeles, claimed that her former friend “seemed to really like [Weinstein] as a person.

“She said a few times that he was her spiritual soulmate,” said Maia, adding that Mann never told her the producer hurt or raped her.

Maia said she met Mann on a movie set in October 2012, before the two moved in together in late 2012 or early 2013.

Maia said she took Mann — then an aspiring actress — to a party in the Hollywood Hills, where they met Weinstein for the first time.

Maia said that at the party, “I was eating, and I was, like, leaning on a couch, and Harvey approached me, making a joke that I was the only person eating in a Hollywood party … and I thought it was hilarious because it was true.”

When Mann approached them, “I realized I had to introduce them, and I didn’t know who he was,’’ Maia said.

“So I asked, ‘By the way, we’ve been talking here a long time what’s your name?’ So he said, ‘I am Harvey Weinstein.’ ”

Maia said she then “made a joke,” telling Weinstein “that’s why everyone is being so nice to you.”

Mann “put her arm around Harvey and pinched his cheeks and said, ‘No, it’s because he’s so cute’ ” the witness claimed.

Maia testified that at the party, she later saw Mann and Weinstein “coming out of a secluded area” and she remembered Mann giving Weinstein her number.

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Mann, 34, has accused Weinstein of raping her twice — at the DoubleTree Hotel in Midtown on March 18, 2013, and again within months in California, even as their consensual relationship lasted several years longer. He is only charged in the alleged Manhattan attack.

Mann previously testified that Weinstein also allegedly forced oral sex on her in a bedroom at the Montage Beverly Hills in February 2013 — and that Maia was inside the suite at the time.

Maia recalled on the stand how she went with Mann and Weinstein up to the producer’s suite at the Montage after an Oscars party, at the pair’s urging.

“They specifically said it is not going to take a long time, can you please come with us?” she said, allegedly quoting Mann and Weinstein.

“I was just uncomfortable. … I didn’t want to go to a room with them,” Maia testified.

She eventually obliged, Maia said, and watched TV on the couch “for about 10 minutes” while Mann and Weinstein went into a room “and closed the door.”

She testified that Mann never asked her for help and that she did not seem upset afterward.

Prosecutors have said Maia encouraged Mann to carry on a relationship with Weinstein to advance their careers, but Maia denied those claims Monday.

Mann has said she continued her affair with Weinstein at least partly because she felt trapped, given his power in the industry and his allegedly abusive temper.

Maia also said Monday that she and Mann went to a movie screening later on the same day Mann claims she was raped by Weinstein at the DoubleTree — and that the pair saw Weinstein and his then-wife, Georgina Chapman.

“I think it was awkward for both of us. [Mann] was just in awe of Georgina, she’s a very beautiful woman,’’ Maia said.

But Maia admitted that Mann had told her she was upset that Weinstein once allegedly pressured her to have a threesome with Italian actress Emanuela Postacchini.

Still, “Jessica was curious about girls,” Maia said. “When she met Emanuela, she mentioned that she was gorgeous. She kept saying that.”

Mexican model Claudia Salinas took the stand next — to deny claims she helped lure another aspiring actress into Weinstein’s clutches.

Alleged victim Lauren Young had told the court she knew Salinas from around town and that the model arranged a meeting with Weinstein in February 2013 at the Montage Beverly Hills — where, Young thought, he would look at a script she had written.

She testified last week that Weinstein soon invited them up to his hotel room, then led her into his hotel bathroom — and Salinas closed the door behind them.

Young said Weinstein got naked, started yanking down her dress and masturbated while groping her — saying, How am I going to know if you can act?” She said she repeatedly told him no during the alleged assault.

Salinas told jurors she did not follow the pair up to Weinstein’s room, much less close the bathroom door.
“I would never do that. … I would never close the door behind anyone,” Salinas said.

The jury is expected to begin deliberating the fate of Weinstein early next week, the judge in the case said Monday.

The charges against Weinstein stem from alleged sex-assault encounters involving Mann, actress Annabella Sciorra and former production assistant Miriam “Mimi” Haleyi.

Young and several other women testifying against Weinstein are also testifying because prosecutors say they will reveal a pattern of abuse.

Weinstein, 67, has denied all accusations of non-consensual sex. He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

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