Wendy Williams Insists Kanye West Is Mentally Ill: ‘I Feel Bad For Him, He’s Not Well’

Wendy Williams revealed that she is concerned for Kanye West and his mental state in an interview at the Vulture Festival in New York City on May 19. Check out the details of what she had to say about the rapper here!

Wendy Williams, 53, openly expressed her concern for Kanye West, 40, and his mental state in an interview at the Vulture Festival in New York on May 19 and she didn’t hold back. The interview was part of the festival’s “Ask Wendy Williams” event which was hosted by Las Culturistas hosts Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang. “I think that mental illness is something that is so real,” Wendy explained when asked about Kanye’s current state of mind. “A lot of people in jail right now, if they could’ve gotten through some mental illness counseling, [wouldn’t be incarcerated]. Kanye is in the throes. As long as I’m up here and you’re listening, I feel very, very bad for Kanye West. His father is nowhere in the picture. His mom passed away, trying to beautify herself to be a stage mom.  I’m not going to talk about his wife, his family, or anything like that. But what I will tell you is that he’s not well. That is at the very foundation of everything he says. He’s not well. I wish him well.”

The shocking comments aren’t the first time Wendy has expressed her beliefs about Kanye. On her talk show, she often comments on current headlines in the entertainment world and the rapper has recently been the subject of her scrutiny numerous times. Although she didn’t comment on Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, 37, at the festival, she has done so on her show, including when she called the Keeping Up with the Kardashians beauty “pathetic” for posting a nude photo. She’s also previously accused Kanye of changing after marrying Kim and asked where the “thought-provoking Kanye” went.

Whether Kanye’s changed or not depends on who you ask, but the hit maker has definitely made headlines over the past month due to his intense return to social media and his constant declarations that he’s trying to love more. Many celebs have commented on Kanye’s attitude, including Chris Brown and John Legend.

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