Wendy Williams Name-Drops Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter’s Mistress and Lovechild on Show

This isn’t the first time for Wendy to talk about the baby as the TV personality previously shared in an interview if she would ever go to meet Kevin’s lovechild.

AceShowbiz -Ahead of her upcoming Lifetime biopic “Wendy Williams: What A Mess”, Wendy Williams has been more open about ex-husband Kevin Hunter‘s cheating scandal that led to the end of their marriage. The TV host surprisingly called out his mistress in the Tuesday, January 26 episode of her talk show.

While discussing her upcoming biopic in the episode, the mom of one said, “I can’t believe how fearless I am. I can’t believe how many people have been drawn into my situation for the 12 years that I’ve been entertaining you on television.” She went on saying, “Welcome to Hot Topics Sharina Hudson. Getting out of my car, with my money.”

Additionally, she revealed the name of Kevin and Sharina’s baby. “Good morning, Journey… I think she’ll be three next month don’t you know. Good morning Kevin.”

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This wasn’t the first time for Wendy to talk about the baby. Prior to this, Wendy also shared in an interview if she would ever go to meet Kevin’s lovechild. “The baby? No, why would I want to meet her? I don’t know her. And I don’t wanna know her.”

The 56-year-old TV personality noted that Kevin and his mistress Sierra’s daughter “will want to meet me first.” She continued, “Do you know where your father was the night that your mother was giving birth? He was with that lady on TV, Ms. Wendy. ‘Cause he was with me.”

Wendy and Kevin, who share 20-year-old son Kevin Jr., tied the knot in November 1997. She filed for divorce from her then-husband back in April 2019 amid cheating allegations leveled at Kevin, and their divorce was finalized in January 2020.

Wendy recently revealed that she knew that Kevin cheated on her for years. “Kevin cheated on me while I was pregnant with my son and I found out and I could have divorced him then,” she said in an interview with Billy Bush for Extra. “But I said no, I have a son…but I didn’t want him to leave me by myself and I knew Billy that it was not til death do us part…Kevin was a serial cheater – Kevin had different mistresses depending on the part of his life. This last one was the one he had the longest term relationship with.”

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