Wendy Williams Slams Justin Bieber: He Probably Hoarded The Ring For Either Selena Or Hailey

While most of us were shocked over Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s engagement, Wendy Williams was underwhelmed! She said JB’s probably had the huge diamond to give to whichever ex he ended up with!

Wendy Williams, 53, roasted Justin Bieber, 24, on her talk show on July 9! The host predicted that JB, who, in the past was a known player, had a master plan for whichever one of his exes he ended up popping the question to. “One shady person in our ‘Hot Topics’ meeting said he’s probably had that ring for a while, you know, planning on giving it to her (Hailey Baldwin, 21) or Selena Gomez,” Wendy said, before giving her audience the breakdown of JB’s past with both stars.

As you may know, the singer proposed to Hailey while in the Bahamas, with a massive, oval-cut diamond ring on July 7. The pair rekindled their on-again, off-again romance just in June 2018, before his surprise proposal. Meanwhile, his ex, Selena, who he just split with in March 2018, seemed unfazed amidst the engagement news. However, Wendy had another opinion. — “If I were her (Selena) I’d be hurt; Not because I want to be married to Justin Bieber, but because, I’d prefer him getting engaged to a third party,” Wendy admitted before predicting that  JB-Baldwin marriage just won’t work.

Wendy explained why: “I think he’s lost and is searching for some stability… He’s searching and looking and he’s trying to be a better person… He’s going to wake up next week though and say, ‘Really?’ And, for a 21-year-old woman, whether you’re Hailey Baldwin or anyone, that’s too young to be getting married, because we as women, we give up everything when we get married. It’s different,” she said. “Listen, right after the honeymoon, he’s doing drive-by’s at Selena’s… I’m rooting for this kid (Justin Bieber). I don’t think this marriage will work. It’s not good for her; It’s good for him, until he runs into Selena. But, I’m rooting for him.”

Justin and Hailey, who dated back in 2015 and 2016, have been inseparable ever since they found their way back to each other in June. They’ve been flaunting their PDA all over the place, from NYC, to Brooklyn and most recently on holiday in the Bahamas. Their engagement follows Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson‘s, when the SNL star proposed to the “No Tears Left To Cry” singer in early June with a custom-made diamond ring, which cost a whopping $93,000. And, you know Wendy didn’t hold back when she found out about their engagement. She slammed Ariana as a “child,” and warned her not to get pregnant.

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