Wendy Williams Slams Khloe Kardashian For ‘Saving Face’ After Pics With Tristan Emerge: ‘It’s Pathetic’

Wendy Williams thinks Khloe Kardashian’s trying to ‘save face’ amidst Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal. After Khloe was spotted with Tristan, Wendy says it’s all a ‘Kardashian plan’ to make Khloe look good!

Wendy Williams, 53, is calling bs on Khloe Kardashian, 33, and Tristan Thompson‘s reunion after they were photographed out to lunch, with Khloe later attending his playoff game on May 5. “They were spotted having a miserable lunch on Friday with a friend, ” Wendy told her studio audience on May 7, adding that “spies” inside the Cleveland restaurant claim Tristan was on his phone the entire time. “They’re at a critical point, a new baby and the cheatations and him making out with girls and being disrespectful… If they’re trying to make this work, why did you bring a friend then? That’s no, 1; Your lunch should’ve been the two of you alone,” Wendy continued.

“[The spy] said that they barely talked to each other during the lunch. So what was this to me? — This was Khloe trying to save face and get out there,” Wendy angrily proclaimed. “It’s not even so much about Tristan trying to [say], ‘Let’s go for lunch, to make it look good for the people.’ I think this is a Khloe thing , a Kardashian move right here, and it’s really quite pathetic. Along with you showing up at his game to support him the other night.” Yikes.

Then, Wendy went for Kardashian patriarch and momager extraordinaire, Kris Jenner, 62, saying she’s also behind Khloe and Tristan’s reunion. “The thing is, what’s next, Kris? I suppose the wedding special will be coming up. Will they really be getting married, or will it be a fake wedding, just for it to keep Khloe out there, and she likes the attention as well. Will she then have a reality show with him?” Wendy presumed, adding that she doesn’t care about Khloe and Tristan’s drama, and never really did.

The outspoken talk show host then alluded that Khloe has gotten what she deserves because she entered Tristan’s life when he had a baby momma of his own, Jordan Craig, the mother of his first child, Prince. “His girlfriend [before Khloe] was way hella pregnant when he met Khloe. And, Khloe, you knew he was involved with somebody who was pregnant; You flaunted this relationship all over. So, you get what you get, and I don’t care!” Wendy went off. Thompson was involved with Craig just before he began dating Khloe in late 2016. Craig gave birth to his first child in December 2016, while he was dating Khloe.

As previously reported, Thompson was first caught cozying up to Lani Blair, a host, on Saturday, April 7 at PHD nightclub in New York City. Thompson was later photographed and videotaped taking Blair back to his NYC hotel room. She then left after the two spent a reported 48 hours together, with an over night bag in hand. — All while his pregnant girlfriend, Khloe, was in Cleveland awaiting the birth of their first child together. Other video footage of Thompson with other women eventually emerged.

Khloe ended up giving birth just two days after the cheating scandal broke. While Tristan was present for the birth, which took place at a hospital near Cleveland, the couple has yet to address the scandal directly. Right now, Khloe is still hauled up in Cleveland with Tristan, and the two are apparently trying to work things out to salvage what’s left of their relationship; They now have a baby after all.

Therefore, they were spotted out to lunch, as Wendy reminded us, at TownHall restaurant in Cleveland on May 4. The next night, Khloe showed up to Tristan’s playoff game, where the Cavs took a 3-0 series lead over the Raptors, with a Game 3 win, 105 to 103. And, of course, LeBron James, 33, hit the game-winner at the buzzer, because that’s what he does.

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