What can we keep & what can we ditch permanently from our lockdown?

As I’ve been working through the pandemic, I’ve surprised myself by how easily I acclimated to our new normal. I actually think that whenever my state begins to reopen (which could be months from now for all I know), it will feel extremely strange to sit in a restaurant or go to the gym for several hours or even sit in a movie theater. There are many people compiling little lists of “things that can stay” or “things which we can end permanently” post-lockdown, post-corona. This got a lot of attention this week:

• Shaking hands and hugging.
• Buffets. Buffets are canceled.
• Unnecessary meetings.

What else should we leave behind?https://t.co/qphjU6Oj78

— ZORA (@zoramag) April 22, 2020

Personally, I’m willing to fight about buffets. I love a good buffet. There aren’t enough buffets in the world. But I recognize that other people probably feel differently and that maybe there will be no more buffets? I’m personally willing to give up handshakes though, I just think we need something to replace it formally. I say: namaste prayer hands or a Japanese bow. Other things we can keep? I made a list!

Social distancing. I don’t mind social distancing? People stood too close to one another before this and it’s past time for everyone to develop a sense of personal space. Let’s keep social distancing.

The prevalence of takeouts. During the lockdown, I’ve enjoyed the availability of takeouts in my suburban area. Most restaurants offered take-out pre-pandemic, but most people dined in anyway. We need more takeout!

Takeout cocktails. I’m not ordering them, but I’ve seen that lots of people enjoy them, so let’s keep them!

Liquor stores as an essential business. I actually agree with that, even as a teetotaler.

Working from home. I’ve worked from home for years now. It’s strange to see so many people struggle with it only to realize, weeks in, that they actually enjoy it.

Exercising outside. Longtime gym-goer, longtime gym enthusiast. I love the controlled atmosphere of a gym, I love the temperature control and the ability to keep a monitor of my calories burned and miles walked or biked. But I’ve been walking and hiking outside during the pandemic and it’s better than fine. It’s really enjoyable. I might buy a bike. A real one, not a stationary one.

What else can we keep and what should we ditch permanently?

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