What Happened To Brittani Kline After America’s Next Top Model?

After winning the 13th cycle of America’s Next Top Model in 2011, Brittani Kline was poised to take the modeling world by storm. The brunette beauty landed several big photo spreads, including one for Vogue Mexico, and walked the runway for major designers like Balenciaga and Prabal Gurang (via New York Times). Her success in modeling resulted in part from distancing herself from the reality show that made her famous. Fashionista noted that Kline shot her Vogue Mexico editorial under the name “Autumn,” and had ditched her controversial Top Model bob.

Kline’s busy schedule didn’t get in the way of her education. Though she appeared on ANTM right after high school, she still pursued a college degree. According to her website, in 2015 she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Language and English from Lock Haven University, graduating Summa Cum Lade.

Brittani Kline quit modeling in 2017

However, in early 2017, Kline decided to stop modeling. “Modeling has been my passion since the young age of 6, and at 25, I am finally ready to say goodbye,” she wrote in an Instagram post. She made clear that, despite how it looks on TV, the not-at-all glamorous reality of modeling eventually led her to quit. She wrote, “I have been told to lose weight, to dye my hair, to cut my hair, to buy certain clothes, to not get too much sun, to lie about who I am, to lie about my age, to work for free… I am honestly tired.”

In 2017, Kline shared on her Instagram that she’d given birth to son Rowan. Looking at her feed, it’s clear she loves being a mom. “Parenting is a constant adventure and lesson in patience,” she wrote in a recent post. “This kid keeps me on my toes!” Kline also shares plenty about a surprising interest: local politics. In 2018, she encouraged Pennsylvanians to vote in the midterm elections, and in July 2020, she posted her support of State Representative candidate Joe Waltz. “While this specific candidate is likely irrelevant to most of you, I do encourage you to consider getting involved in your local community or contributing to a cause however you are able. Through standing up together we can make impossibilities, realities,” Kline wrote.

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