Why Bachelor In Paradise’s Astrid Loch Decided To Share Her IVF Journey

“Bachelor in Paradise” star Astrid Loch was transparent about her journey to pregnancy as soon as she shared the news that she was expecting her first child with fiance Kevin Wendt. “We know first hand how hard it can be to see these kinds of posts and feel sad & discouraged,” she said in her May 9 pregnancy announcement post. “We too struggled with fertility and conceiving naturally … I can’t wait to share more of how we got here,” she continued.

Now, Astrid is opening up about just why she decided to be so forward about her fertility struggles and IVF journey. On the May 18 episode of the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast, she revealed that she was so upset seeing other people get pregnant when she couldn’t. “I just didn’t wanna come out and say, ‘Were pregnant,’ without sharing what went into it,” she explained.

Astrid said that an influencer’s frankness about her own IVF journey also encouraged her to be open about her own. “You see people on social media and they just have these perfect little lives. Perfect little kids. Like just the cutest. But I didn’t realize that it took her those struggles to get there and it made me think, ‘Okay, like when we get there I want people to know from the beginning that we got pregnant through IVF.'”

Astrid also opened up about some other news surrounding her pregnancy — and why she’s keeping one thing secret. Keep scrolling to learn what she revealed.

Astrid Loch has a few surprises in store for her pregnancy

Astrid Loch is keeping two things secret when it comes to her pregnancy: her child’s possible names and the gender of her baby, which neither she nor her fiance will learn until she gives birth.

Astrid admitted on “Bachelor Happy Hour” that she would love to tell everyone the names she and fiance Kevin Wendt are considering for their first child, but Kevin prefers to keep it secret. “Kevin won’t even let me tell my mom,” she said. It’s all for an understandable reason, though: The couple doesn’t want to hear any complaints about potential names. 

One thing Astrid did not expect to agree to is keeping the gender of her baby a secret. However, after going through such a tedious IVF process, she thought it was an ideal situation. “When we met, Kevin always said he wants to wait to find out the gender and I used to tell him he’s crazy,” she said. “I think after going through all the struggles trying to get pregnant and then it was so much planning and everything was on a schedule and like nothing was a surprise. It’s like ‘Okay today they’re putting a baby in me and in eight days I’m gonna know if it worked or not.’ I feel like this is the one thing we can still be surprised about, so I agreed,” she continued.

It looks like there are surprises in store for everybody.

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