Why Did Kit Leave Matt’s ‘Bachelor’ Season? Her Self-Elimination Was A 180

With Matt’s journey to find love starting to wrap up, the Bachelor has had to say more and more hard goodbyes. Some of those goodbyes weren’t even his choice, since a few women have chosen to self-eliminate on his season. One of those women was fashion entrepreneur Kit Keenan, who unexpectedly sent herself home during the Feb. 15 episode. It was a shocking moment that left many fans wondering: Why did Kit leave Matt’s Bachelor season? She had a change of heart in the Feb. 15 episode.

As Kit told Matt during their 1-on-1 during the Feb. 1 episode, she has difficulty letting her guard down in relationships. So during the first group date of the Feb. 15 episode, she was still struggling to gain clarity about the state of her and Matt’s relationship now that hometown dates are just around the corner.

The 21-year-old told him that because she has clear goals for her future, she won’t ready to settle down for a while. "Getting married… will probably be pushed a little longer than the other women. And I wouldn’t want to have kids until I’m 25, 26," she explained. "I’m a long-term investment."

After Matt promised he would never put pressure on her, Kit admitted she was falling in love with him. "I’m going to get that rose tonight!" she exclaimed happily, but when the group date rose ultimately went to Rachel, she became even more unsure about where they stood. "I don’t know how much longer I can go through this," Kit told the camera.

She ultimately took things into her own hands later that night, showing up at Matt’s suite for a surprising chat. "After our one-on-one, I said I could see myself falling in love with you, and I never thought I could let my guard down as much as I have with you," Kit said. "I thought I would have the clarity I needed going into hometowns, but hometowns isn’t a figure-it-out situation."

She added: "You deserve someone who is 100 percent sure of you getting down on one knee tomorrow, and that’s not me." Although Matt praised Kit for being so sure of herself and emphasized that he wanted her there, she stuck to her decision to self-eliminate. "You saying that makes this even harder for me, but I’m unwavering in this because I know… it’s the right thing for both of us," she replied.

Still, as Kit headed home, she couldn’t help but wonder about what could have been between her and Matt.

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