Why IS Kate Moss's sister selling naked pictures online?

Why IS Kate Moss’s sister selling naked pictures online? She was first spotted as a bridesmaid at the supermodel’s wedding, but after starring for top brands, Lottie Moss’s party lifestyle became infamous. Now, writes ALISON BOSHOFF, she has hit a new low

  • Kate Moss’ half sister Lottie Moss has a profile on the X-rated website, Glow
  • The site is seen as an ‘upmarket version’ of the adult content site OnlyFans
  • On her Instagram online feed, she can be seen posing in a fake leather bustier 

They have a certain confident poise in common, not to mention a taste for outrageous sexual provocation (a buttock tattooed with the words ‘Not yours’ is particularly memorable.)

But Kate Moss’s younger half-sister Lottie (she of the buttock tattoo) has embarked on a modelling career which can best be described as a dark, faint echo of Kate’s.

While Kate, 47, remains in demand at magazines such as Vogue and on the catwalk for Fendi as one of the highest-paid models in the world, Lottie’s new commercial partner is an X-rated website, Glow.

On the Glow site, you can see a series of pictures of her in racy lingerie with her friend, with more explicit content blurred out

Lottie’s new commercial partner is an X-rated website, Glow,  seen as an ‘upmarket version’ of adult content site OnlyFans,

On her Instagram online feed, Lottie can be seen posing in a fake leather bustier and negligee

The adult content site allows ‘performers’ to connect with ‘fans’ via videos, photos and live streams

Seen as an ‘upmarket version’ of adult content site OnlyFans, ‘personal content’ is on offer for £14 a month, including pictures of 23-year-old Lottie.

On her Instagram feed, she can be seen posing in a fake leather bustier and negligee with another friend. Her Instagram profile invites you to click on a link to her page on the Glow site.

There you can see a series of pictures of her in racy lingerie, with more explicit content blurred out and behind a paywall. One is captioned ‘Unlock to see me flash my boobs’ and asks the viewer to pay $70 (£50), leading to a topless photo of Lottie.

Another, also asking for £50, is captioned ‘Slippery when wet’. A third states ‘Unlock for FULL view… it’s quite cheeky’ followed by a peach emoji (widely used to mean bottom) and asks for $50 (£35).

There are also prompts for Glow users to message her privately for ‘personal content’, and the site has reportedly included a video of her naked for £1,000.

The adult content site allows ‘performers’ to connect with ‘fans’ via videos, photos and live streams. They pass on 80 per cent of payments made and take a 20 per cent fee. The company’s website claims that models can earn up to £5,000 profit a month.

The only rule is that all adult content must be locked — and not given away free. Unlike OnlyFans, which has been used by a wide array of former reality TV stars and B-list celebrities including Kerry Katona and Love Island’s Megan Barton-Hanson, Lottie appears to be one of the only recognisable faces using the Glow site.

Unsurprisingly, Kate Moss hasn’t made any comment on Lottie’s dismaying new direction. Neither have her parents, Peter and Inger.

It is, though, perhaps significant that Lottie is not among the select band who are signed to Kate Moss’s own model agency — a blue chip bunch, many of them the sons and daughters of her friends whom she deems have ‘star quality’.

In January, Lottie was seen meeting Glow’s founder, Noah Traisman, for coffee in Los Angeles. With them was her best pal and flatmate Sahara Ray, who’s already on Glow, and — it seems — the deal was done.

How did it come to this? Ten years ago, thanks in great part to her famous surname, Lottie was catapulted into the world of modelling and, initially, her success seemed assured.

Aged 18, she went to Cannes with Kate, posed on the red carpet and wrote a diary of the period for Vogue. Dior welcomed her with open arms.

Five years later, though, she has apparently reached rock bottom — via a breast enhancement, lip fillers and partying with low-rent celebs including the Made In Chelsea crowd. Sources say that the novelty of the Moss name simply wore off, leaving Lottie high and dry.

And it’s a sad fact that at 5ft 6in (Kate is 5ft 7in) she is much too short for the catwalk. And the camera doesn’t quite adore her the way it always did her big sister, meaning she doesn’t have the same pulling power for advertising work.

Her most recent work was a couple of videos for Louboutin perfumes; the latest editorial engagement was for Elle magazine — in Slovenia.

And now this latest turn in her career — down the unsavoury byway of trading flesh for cash. No wonder her family and her professional minders are in despair.

Agents at Storm are said to be fretting about this latest ‘phase’ in her career.

‘Storm feels very protective of the lovely Lottie. They are hoping this phase will pass,’ says a source.

Born on January 9, 1998, Charlotte Moss is the daughter of Kate’s father, travel agent Peter Moss, and Norwegian Inger Solnordal, who is his second wife.

A full 24 years younger than Kate, Lottie was raised in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. The family business is running The Toll House shop in Lindfield, which sells vintage clothes, jewellery, homeware and food. It is said to be the ‘smallest department store in Sussex’.

Her brush with fame started a decade ago, at the spring wedding of Kate and Jamie Hince in 2011. Lottie, then 13, was among the gaggle of bridesmaids. Sweet, awkward and shy, she looked like a Botticelli angel with a garland of wildflowers in her hair.

The fashion world immediately stood up and took notice.

She later recalled: ‘It was so funny. My mum was like, “Your sister is going to be so p****d [off]”. No one noticed her, everyone was like, “Who’s that?” I had a meeting with Storm [Model Management] the next week. They were like, “Where have you been hiding?” ’

She did a test shoot for Storm, organised by her parents and Sarah Doukas, the woman who famously discovered Kate.

Lottie’s first shoot appeared in Teen Vogue, and she had her first full editorial in Dazed & Confused not long after. Dazed is the magazine co-founded by Kate’s ex, Jefferson Hack.

Kate’s influence also rather loomed over Lottie’s first campaign, which was for Calvin Klein; Kate made her name with the Obsession campaign for the brand.

Lottie juggled revising for her A-level exams with her first ever red carpet appearance at the Cannes film Festival.

Picture of Lottie Moss pictured by the pool with her a buttock tattooed with the words ‘Not yours

Kate Moss With Her Sister Lottie Moss At The Unique By Topshop Autumn/winter 2014/15

In a diary for Vogue she wrote: ‘For my first event in Cannes, I’m going to go for this cream, long-sleeved gown. I quickly change out of the gown to take a few minutes out to do some revision before the finishing touches. My A-levels start next week!

‘Sometimes I feel like I live in two worlds. One minute I’m in a Dior suite in Cannes and then the next I’m in a classroom in Sussex.

‘I feel like I’m Hannah Montana [the celebrity alter ego of singer Miley Cyrus as a young girl].’

She went on: ‘It’s important to me that I manage school and my modelling. I’m now able to fund my own schooling through any jobs I book.’ She decided against university, saying: ‘Not going to university was a very big decision for me, and one that I had to consider carefully, and with my parents.

‘In the end, I had to acknowledge that this wasn’t the right thing for me. My modelling career was taking off and I wanted to build on that and focus on developing my projects within the fashion industry.’

In an interview she said that she tried not to compare herself with Kate, who has made the cover of Vogue 40 times.

‘My sister and I are two different people,’ she said, ‘and she is on her path and I am on my own.’

But she added: ‘It kind of runs in the family. Kate was a massive part of why I started.’

Kate Moss at her wedding to The Kills guitarist Jamie Hince. In the background is a young Lottie Moss, circled in red 

She is genuinely close to Kate but clearly her sister’s massive career casts a shadow. They have never worked together.

The first few years of Lottie’s own career were rather impressive, though, with campaigns for Bulgari and Valentino. That faded away and Lottie began to develop a reputation for a busy social life.

One thing which she does have in common with Kate is a taste for wild nights.

On one pre-pandemic night out at trendy restaurant and hotel, the Chiltern Firehouse, she lost her Louis Vuitton bag, including her passport, because she was so busy ‘snogging’ an admirer.

Another ‘rager’ involved staying up until 5am with Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing.

However, while big sister Kate has managed to clean up and move on from her wild ways, Lottie picked up the baton, earning herself a reputation as ‘Lottie the Lash’, while glumly admitting to ‘numbing myself with substances’, mental health struggles and issues around a diagnosis of ADHD.

And over the past two years, she has moved away from modelling and started to sign licensing deals with companies selling ranges of clothes and shoes with her name, including the moccasin brand Minnetonka and cheap and cheerful PacSun in America.

In a post on Instagram she explained: ‘Recently I have decided to completely reinvent myself as I wasn’t happy in myself or where I felt I was going in life.’

She has turned down repeated offers to join the cast of Made In Chelsea, even though she knows ‘everyone on it’ and also said no to E4’s Celebs Go Dating.

She told L’Officiel magazine: ‘I am who I am and I do what I want, whether that is modelling or anything else. The success of my sister does not affect me in my choices.’

Indeed not. Although she scored an invitation to the British Fashion Awards in December 2019, her partying was rather C-list.

She has been seen plugging cheap fast fashion Pretty Little Thing clothes with pal Umar Kamani, and hanging out with DJ Lady Mary Charteris, Tigerlily Taylor (daughter of Queen drummer Roger) and with Hana Cross, who used to date Brooklyn Beckham. She’s also friends with model Suki Waterhouse and with the influencer/socialite Vas J Morgan.

It’s a fast-living crowd. She was in Mykonos in August with Love Island’s Chris Hughes and footballer Harry Maguire. She has had short-lived romances with Brooklyn Beckham and with Capital DJ Roman Kemp, whom she was spotted ‘snogging’ in Soho House.

Her longest romance was with Alex Mytton from Made In Chelsea: they were together for around a year from October 2016. They were said to have been caught on CCTV frolicking in the toilets of the club Tape. There were allegations that he had been cheating on her when they split up.

More recently, she has claimed to be ‘pansexual’, like her friend model Cara Delevingne.

In December, she posted video footage online of herself kissing two female pals on a boozy night and said: ‘We’re super-spreading Covid.’ She then apologised, saying: ‘Someone popped up saying those words and I repeated them as a joke. I’d never condone spreading a virus as serious as this.’

Lockdown has been spent partly at Kate’s house in the Cotswolds, but Lottie was kicking her heels and feeling down in the dumps.

There came a period of reappraisal and reflection, which everyone hoped was a sign that lockdown had given her a chance to press pause and reset: ‘My struggles have caused me to act out of character,’ she said. ‘Ultimately, I was becoming a person I didn’t really like, which is why I numbed myself with substances and put myself down through neglect of my mental and general health.’

She claimed that she had spent time ‘healing and working on myself’ and added: ‘I’ve been reading lots of self-help books … and I’ve run every day.

‘Honestly, I can say I have never been happier mentally.’

When lockdown lifted last year, she moved back to London. She took a ‘working’ visit to Mexico where she was seen on a yacht.

By late January she was in Los Angeles with her friend — and signing up with Glow. She retains her contracts with PacSun and Louboutin but it seems that she feels that Glow offers her a chance to make money in the rather shady world of adult influencers.

She says that she’s living her ‘best life’ — but those who care about her may not be able to bring themselves to see it that way.

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