Why was Mark Wright at Jade Goody and Jack Tweed’s wedding?

The final episode of the three-part Channel 4 documentary on the life and death of reality star Jade Goody was aired last night.

In the broadcast, footage of Jade’s final moments before she lost her life to cervical cancer were shown, including intimate clips of her wedding day to Jack Tweed.

But many members of the eagle eyed audience were left confused when they spotted former TOWIE star Mark Wright at the wedding day, acting as best man to Jack.

In emotional snippets of the video from 2009, Mark can be seen in floods of tears as he watched Jack and Jade have their first dance.

Taking to Twitter, dozens of viewers pointed out the moment they noticed the telly star, prior to his rise to fame.

One wrote: ‘Well well I did not know that Mark Wright was Best Man at Jade Goody’s wedding to Jack #jadegoody,’ while another chipped in: ‘Was that Mark Wright crying there? #Jade.’

A third confused Tweeter added: ‘I just don’t understand how Mark Wright is there #Jade.’

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Attempting to clear up any confusion, one more explained that the two Essex boys are really close pals: ‘Mark Wright and Jack are best friends.’

Also captured in the recording is Mark’s ex girlfriend and fellow TOWIE star Lauren Goodger, who can be seen comforting him through his sobs.

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The pair dated for 11 years after meeting when they were 15 and so were still very much a couple when they attended the wedding ten years ago.

Noticing this, another social media user wrote: ‘Surreal seeing Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger in the background of Jade and Jacks wedding bk in 09, a time before TOWIE. #jadegoody.’

Having met years before they were thrust into the public eye, Mark and Jack are still close and recently reunited when Jack attended Mark’s brother’s Majorcan wedding.

They even took to social media to share a selfie together, highlighting their lifelong friendship with the caption: ‘When they say from day, this is really from day one.’

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