Will ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 End Early? Coronavirus Concerns Halted Production

Grey’s Anatomy has a habit of keeping fans on the edge of their seats week after week with its juicy storylines. However, the recent coronavirus pandemic might risk any of those cliffhangers from being wrapped up anytime soon. The show halted production earlier in March as a precautionary measure to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, but now fans are wondering if the show will actually get to resume filming Season 16, or if Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 will end early.

The Grey’s Anatomy production shutdown was announced in a note to the cast and crew on March 12, following Los Angeles’ mayor Eric Garcetti’s order to limit public gathering to less than 50 people. The letter was authored by the show’s executive producer and showrunner Krista Vernoff and her fellow executive producers Debbie Allen and James Williams, and read in part:

The show had just finished filming Episode 21 of Season 16 when the shutdown was announced, and that episode is scheduled to air on April 9. The season was set to air 25 episodes in total, meaning four episodes from the season have yet to be filmed.

As the letter explains, the shutdown was initially planned for two weeks, but as the coronavirus situation continues to worsen in the United States, that plan could change. If the coronavirus situation clears up in the near future, production could resume and the show could film and air the last four episodes a bit later than planned. However, if that doesn’t happen, Grey’s Season 16 will end early with Episode 21.

A shortened season would likely disappoint fans who are hoping to get some storylines wrapped up before the summer. That said, there are no official announcements yet on how Season 16 will officially end in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Fans will have to stay tuned for more updates as they come.

If you think you’re showing symptoms of coronavirus, which include fever, shortness of breath, and cough, call your doctor before going to get tested. If you’re anxious about the virus’s spread in your community, visit the CDC for up-to-date information and resources, or seek out mental health support. You can find all Elite Daily’s coverage of coronavirus here.

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