‘Wish it hadn’t happened’ Richard Madeley says ‘broken’ dad beat him due to family secret

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Richard Madeley, 65, has opened up about his troubled relationship with his father, which involved the GMB host being beaten. The presenter explained that his dad was “broken”.

The ITV star claimed he believes that his dad, Christopher Holt Madeley, was sexually abused as a teenager, when he was sent to boarding school. 

Richard admitted the beating continued until he was “nine or ten” until his mum Mary spoke up on his behalf. 

He added that he didn’t feel it was “out of the ordinary” in the context of the time, as it wasn’t uncommon for children to receive physical punishment. 

He told The Sunday Times Magazine: “That went on until I was about nine or ten and he went a bit too far, hit me too many times, and my mother had a word and that was that.

“I just want to put that in context. I didn’t feel it was out of the ordinary. 

“Other boys got hit by their parents — but I didn’t like it. I wish it hadn’t happened.” 

The TV host claimed his father was “f***ed up by boarding school”, and was initially a very happy “farmer’s boy”.

He went on, saying that when his father was 15, Richard’s grandparents sent him off to boarding school after they discovered that he had a girlfriend. 

“My father was basically f***ed up by boarding school. 

“He was a very happy farmer’s boy, but when he was 15 my grandparents discovered he had the beginnings of a girlfriend, which they thought was the road to perdition. 

“They packed him off to this ghastly place.” 

He said he had a “strong suspicion” that his dad was sexually abused during his time there. 

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Continuing, he explained that his dad felt “betrayed” by his parents for sending him there. 

Christopher died at age 49, while Richard was honeymooning with his first wife Lynda Hooley. 

Following his father’s death, Richard said his mother claimed her husband never got over his experiences at boarding school, adding that it “broke him.”

Richard is one of the three main presenters on ITV Breakfast show, Good Morning Britain. 

Prior to 2017, he was the main relief presenter on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff from 2012. 

Richard’s first marriage, aged 21, ended in divorce after five years. 

The star met Judy Finnigan in 1982 while they worked on separate TV shows for Granada Television. 

Judy was married to ex-husband David Henshaw before she started dating Richard.

If you have been affected by this story, you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 or visit www.samaritans.org 

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