Yoko Ono Vindicated in Beatles Doc Over Claims She Broke Up Band

Yoko Ono‘s name has been cleared of a tired old narrative that she was solely responsible for breaking up The Beatles … at least according to Yoko Ono, and maybe Peter Jackson.

John Lennon’s widow tweeted out an article recapping Beatles fans’ theories that Yoko is, indeed, vindicated in the new 3-part ‘Get Back’ docuseries that was just released on Disney+ … which features lots of unseen BTS footage from their ‘Let It Be’ movie in 1970.

The first part of the 8-hour saga was released a few days ago, and so far … people are pointing out how unassuming Yoko is during the 1969 rehearsals at Twickenham Film Studios.

While she is very much so present during a lot of their jam sessions — cozying up right next to John and sitting among the other band members — she’s often seen minding her own business … be it knitting, writing, reading newspapers or just eating/drinking or rolling joints.

PJ — who was tapped to comb through the footage anew, and who spent the last few years piecing together a new project from it all — even noted in a recent ’60 Minutes’ interview that Yoko never imposed herself or her opinions into what the guys were doing … at least from what he’d seen.

Of course, there are still some who think there’s no denying she played a part in the The Beatles’ demise … arguing that her mere presence alone proved to be a distraction for John, whom many say was mentally checked out by the time they reunited for their final album.

That doesn’t hold water though … ’cause as the new doc shows, there were a lot of people who were hanging around that month, including Paul’s then-GF, Linda, and her kid — plus some of George‘s friends and others, who just sat in and took it all in (seemingly) quietly.

At one point during the first few hours of ‘Get Back,’ Paul was filmed saying … “It’s going to be such an incredible, comical thing in 50 years time … they broke up because Yoko sat on an amp.”

PM himself has acknowledged Yoko isn’t to blame … nor is anyone else, really. That said … he has appeared to lay some direct blame on John himself, pushing back on the idea that Paul wanted everyone to go their separate ways.

The doc paints Paul as fighting hard to keep it all together — demanding they get more organized and on schedule, while also coming up with a lot of the iconic melodies for ‘LIB’ — despite a number of forces that seemed to signal … their time was coming to an end.

BTW, it’s not all doom and gloom — apparently, there’s a lot of happy moments shown during this period … which also changes the story a bit.

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