Younes Bendjima’s Alleged Beating Victim Now Considering Lawsuits Against Drake & Odell Beckham Jr.

Remember that story we reported on Thursday about the surfaced video  showing Younes Bendjima allegedly beating up a nightclub employee?!

Well, things just got a little more bizarre in that case…

The alleged victim in the attack turns out to be a club employee named Bennett Sipes, and even though reports yesterday indicated he had backed off from filing charges against Bendjima… it appears the tables have turned.

TMZ is now reporting this morning that Sipes has lawyered up, and he doesn’t just have Kourtney Kardashian‘s ex in his crosshairs, but he wants to go after Drake and Odell Beckham Jr., too.

Wait, what?!

Remember — Drake and Beckham were present during the beating along with what appeared to be their entourages and/or security teams, and both celebs were caught on camera watching Bendjima go after Sipes. (For the record, it doesn’t appear that either Drake or Beckham ever became involved.)

Nevertheless, Sipes is reportedly looking to pursue a civil lawsuit against one or both of the parties, because he contends that one of the men who did join Bendjima in the beating was part of either Drake or Beckham’s security team — and thus, one of the stars is responsible for his man’s actions.

It might sound like a dubious proposition, but Sipes is on the offensive. Sometimes it’s easier for celebs to throw some money at a problem like this to make it go away than it is to fight through a protracted battle in court. We’re not at that point yet, but we’ll see…

Oh, and BTW, we now know more about what started this fight, too. It seems Sipes’ girlfriend — Instagram model Sommer Ray — was hanging in the VIP section of this nightclub that evening, and Odell chatted her up at one point. When Sipes went to find her to go home for the evening, Beckham wasn’t happy about it.

From there, things apparently got heated when Sipes saw the crew at the back door later, and, well, we all saw what Younes appears to have done next on the security camera footage.

Sipes was beaten pretty badly during the attack, and his attorney — Colin Jones of El Lay’s Wilshire Law Firm — says his client is still going through physical therapy for it now nearly six months after the incident took place.

Again, no police investigation here, but it sure looks like at least one civil suit it coming against Bendjima, and perhaps another against Drake and/or Odell Beckham Jr.

Crazy times!

Your momma was right… nothing good happens after midnight!

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