Young Chop Stays Unbothered Despite Being Banned From Atlanta

Chop takes to his Instagram account to share a video of a man spitting threatening words to him, but instead of being afraid, the hip-hop producer further taunts the man.

AceShowbizYoung Chop may need to leave Atlanta as soon as possible. The rapper, who has been making headlines for coming after several famous names on social media, was recently revealed to have been asked to leave the city in 24 hours. However, the rapper didn’t seem to be bothered by the threat.

On Sunday, April 12, Chop took to his Instagram account to share a video of a man spitting threatening words to the producer. “Me and my partners, we all had a talk and I ain’t gonna lie, Young Chop, you can’t be in the city no more bro. The rest of the Eastside, we bannin’ you out of this city,” so the man said.

“You’re doing too much and you don’t think we’re gonna take a stand? I’m gonna tell you something right now, I don’t give a f**k where you’re from … we’re gonna give you 24 hours to get out the city,” he continued. “Since you wanna go viral so bad, we gonna make you go viral.”

Chop simply captioned the clip, “Pull Up.”

He later shared his reaction to the warning in a video which was posted on Monday by XXL magazine on its Instagram page. The new clip saw Chop, who wore a mask, calmly watching the previous video. “I posted that 20 hours ago. Y’all got four more hours to go, y’all,” Chop said. He then further taunted the man, “I got four more hours to go. I’ll be waiting.”

Chop had made enemies with several big names including Drake, 21 Savage, Meek Mill and Jay-Z. Following his shenanigans, Chop, whose real name is Tyree Pitman, was booked on a misdeameanor charge of reckless conduct in Georgia’s Gwinnett County on Monday, April 6. He later went on Instagram Live upon his release, talking about someone snitching on him outside the Gwinnet County Jail.

“Hey y’all boys told on me,” he said in the video. “Them boys working with the people, man. I hope nobody calls me while I’m on live right now. Young Chop is free you guys. This s**t crazy.”

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