Young Jeezy Has A Crush On Kourtney Kardashian!

Everybody remember Young Jeezy?

You know, the paragon of Atlanta rap music back in like, oh, about 2005?

He’s baaa-aaaack — and he’s in El Lay now, with a SERIOUS crush on Kourtney Kardashian!

The I Luv It rapper moved full time to Los Angeles last month to become an actor — even going so far as to scrap his (honestly not half bad) rap music career and leave behind all the success he ever knew in ATL.

Well, El Lay is apparently getting to him in all the wrong right ways, because TMZ caught him on camera in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon, and he was willing to talk about… Kourt.

That’s right! Jeezy has a little crush on Kourtney Kardashian!

And as you can see in the video of his exchange with paparazzi, he thinks she’s the hottest of all her sisters — and he’s not too worried about Kourt’s exes, either!

That’d be a hell of a random pairing, wouldn’t it? But we never really figured out how she was a match with Younes Bendjima at the time, so, hey, maybe Kourt will surprise us here, too.

Wait a minute… come to think of it, Jeezy has worked with Kourtney’s brother-in-law in the past, too (below):

Maybe Kanye West will reach out and put in a good word for the ATLien?!


Only time will tell…

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