YouTuber Aaliyah Jay Reacts to Celina Powell Threatening to Steal Her Boyfriend

It all starts after the social media star leaves three puking emoticons underneath a post about the self-proclaimed thot, who later hits back, ‘Your man is next.’

AceShowbizCelina Powell, the infamous self-claimed Instagram thot, apparently has set her eyes on a new target and made her intention known to the world. She threatened to steal Aaliyah Jay‘s boyfriend, Wizard Kelly, after the YouTube personality left a not-so-nice comment underneath a post about her.

The post in question was footage of Celina’s latest interview, in which she talked about a lot of things including the alleged gender of Nicki Minaj‘s unborn baby. At one point during the interview, she brought a friend who confessed to giving blowjobs to seven basketball players in a row. “She’s, she’s just nervous right now,” so Celina said of her friend after the interviewer asked her whether or not she thought of the incident as a positive memory.

Many people were disgusted after hearing the story, leaving all sorts of messages in the comment section of the post. Aaliyah, who used to be dating PnB Rock, was among them as she simply reacted with three puking emoticons. Celina caught wind of her comment and was quick to hit back, threatening her, “Your man is next.”

However, Aaliyah was not fazed at all as she responded, “Try it… I double dare you.”

Aaliyah has been dating Wizard for some time now. Even though she barely uploaded photos of them together, she posted a loving tribute when her boyfriend celebrated his birthday back in March. Taking to her Instagram account, the social media star said, “Happy Birthday to my Suga booga. I love you for life and even after that. So happy to be spending this year with you again. I pray over you for prosperity, safety and happiness. I love every bit and piece of you no matter how much you get on my nerves.”

She continued, “I could write a whole essay but because I’m laying in the bed with you right now while typing this, We should just go under the covers and talk about our feelings. Thank you for being so amazing and a little bit of funny lmao. (I cant tell him he’s funny cause he’ll drag it and think this is Comedy Central.) love you baby daddy, let’s turn up.”

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