YouTuber Tana Mongeau Gets Slammed By Twitter After Hinting At Relations With Mac Miller

Tana Mongeu is getting slammed by Twitter for her posts that hint at previously unannounced relations with Mac Miller.

YouTuber Tana Mongeau made some comments about Mac Miller in the wake of his death, and Twitter is slamming her for it. In particular, Tana posted a screenshot of a text conversation between herself and Mac, during which he told her “You are incredible… You are one of one… [smiling emoji] [smiling cowboy hat emoji] [heart emoji] You deserve the world.” In response, Tana said, “as do you Malcom.. [heart emoji].” Posted just 2 days ago and garnering over 561,000 likes, Tana simply captioned it “i love you Malcolm. i love you.” Her comments have been disabled on Instagram, however, so the buzz about it has shifted over to her Twitter account.

On Twitter, Tana posted the following message.

“spending all day every day talking to someone and now not being able to because i can’t anymore is breaking me by the second.. tell everyone you love you love them every second you get… every second”

Many people then slammed Tana in the comments, accusing her of trying to use Mac’s name to garner more “clout.” One user in particular got a lot of likes on their comment when they said the following.

“Don’t even think about making a YouTube video about this to get more clout. Stop tweeting for attention. If you really were upset you’d be silent. Grieving in your own time. Not on social media.”

Some came to Tana’s defense, saying that she has the right to say whatever she wants on her page.

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i love you Malcolm. i love you

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However, the Twitter user who made the previous comment wasn’t having none of it, alluding to her Instagram saying, “Yeah posted something not posting screenshots to prove you knew him. It’s not the time for that. Say you dated him and cared for him and move on.”

Others agreed, saying that it was strange that Tana was hinting that the two had some sort of “super deep & romantic relationship” when she had never spoken about him before. Others said that perhaps Mac didn’t talk about Tana and vice versa because “it wasn’t that serious.”

Meanwhile, there’s no way to really know what was happening between Mac and Tana unless Tana reveals the information. If there’s one thing that’s certain after Miller’s death, is that many fans are mourning the death of the artist. An unfortunate side effect is that people seem to be pointing fingers and pushing around the blame.

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thank u for letting me do what i love. & Texas for showering me with love this weekend

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For example, many people blamed Ariana Grande for Mac’s suspected overdose, although others have defended Grande saying the artist’s death was a result of his own addiction, not anyone else’s fault.

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