Yungblud Describes Songwriting Process Behind ‘Strawberry Lipstick’

Yungblud has revealed the process behind writing the lyrics of his recent single, “Strawberry Lipstick.”

“Strawberry Lipstick” was dropped on July 16 along with an explosive video.

In an interview with MTV, Yungblud said that the song’s chorus was written years before. He said that he penned the chorus with The StrypesJosh McClorey when they were in their early teenage years.

“Me and Josh had started something really young,” he says. “We started that at like 15. That chorus was written when we were so young. We stayed up all night at a songwriting retreat and were keeping all of the old boys up. They were like knocking on the door [saying] ‘go to sleep.'”

Yungblud also added that Green Day were an inspiration behind “Strawberry Lipstick”.

“I love lippy, man,” he says. “I was like, ‘I’m going to make a song and video I always wanted to make.’ That was the 13-year-old Dom looking at Billie Joe Armstrong play Bullet In A Bible at Milton Keynes. I was like, ‘I want my hair spiked, I wanna look like something out of DragonForce, I wanna put a Union Jack on, and I just wanna rock’n’roll.”

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