Zoe Ball details painful moment fellow guest forced her to miss out on meeting Queen

Zoe Ball discusses missing out on meeting the Queen

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Zoe Ball is able to say that she has been in the same room as the Queen, but unfortunately the presenter wasn’t able to meet the Monarch. The BBC Radio 2 DJ detailed the near-miss during a chat with Ed Sheeran on her breakfast show this morning.

Zoe, 50, made her revelation after the singer spoke about being starstruck by the Queen.

The Bad Habits singer said that he used to be impressed by footballers and athletes when he first started out in the music industry, all before coming face to face with royalty.

Ed confirmed that Her Majesty was the most famous person he had met since finding fame.

“I used to be starstruck by sports players because I felt like in the music world… when you meet people in your world, that it’s not as starstucky as you thought it would be,”(sic) he explained.

Ed continued: “The Queen was definitely the stand out one I think, because when people say, ‘Who’s the most famous person you’ve met?’ you have to say the Queen – she’s on money!

“She’s in everyone’s pocket,” he added.

Zoe went on to talk about almost meeting Her Majesty several years ago.

“I was in a line-up to meet the Queen once and someone popped in front of me so I never got to tell my nan that I’d met the Queen.

“I was in the same room as her,” she added.

“Ah, that’s painful,” Ed replied. “Who was it? Name and shame them.”

The former Strictly: It Takes Two host revealed that the moment had been captured on camera, but did not reveal the identity of the queue jumper.

“He was from a men’s magazine – this is when I was on Radio 1. This is going way back – and the great thing was, there was a lass listening to the show and her dad had filmed it, and said, ‘Yes, my dad got it on film.’

“So I never shook the hand of the Queen,” the mum-of-two sadly reflected.

Despite not getting the opportunity to meet Her Majesty on that particular occasion, Zoe hosted a BBC One show dedicated to the head of the British Royal Family in 2018.

Zoe presented The Queen’s Birthday Party at the Royal Albert Hall to mark the now 95-year-old’s 92nd birthday.

At the time, she said: “I’m ridiculously excited to be presenting what must surely be the best birthday party ever.

“We’ll make sure Her Majesty has a fantastic 92nd birthday and enjoys this ultimate celebration of music in her honour.”

The following year, Zoe met Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall for a Radio 2 event.

She headed to Windsor Castle for a creative writing competition.

The TV star has also been snapped with Prince Charles and Prince Harry in the past.

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