Zoe Kravitz Strips Down to Recreate Mom Lisa Bonet’s ‘Rolling Stone’ Photo Shoot!

Zoe Kravitz wears nothing at all while posing for the cover of Rolling Stone‘s latest issue!

The 29-year-old actress recreated a photo from her mom Lisa Bonet‘s photo shoot for the mag, nearly 30 years later. Here’s what she had to share with the mag:

On dad Lenny picking her up from school as a kid: “He’d pick me up, and the entire school would flock to the parking lot. And he wasn’t being subtle: He’d show up in a sports car and leather pants and a netted shirt. Like, ‘Dude, can you just be low-key a little bit? Just a shirt that I can’t see your nipples through would be so dope.’”

On playing John Cusack’s role in the upcoming High Fidelity TV reboot: “I always related to that character. Just this neurotic mess of a person who can’t get out of her own way. It’s ironic to me that in a lot of stories men are the complicated, layered characters, when I think women are the most complicated and the most layered. We’re supposed to be perfect and take care of everyone, but sometimes we fall apart and we’re a big ol’ mess. If you don’t see that, you wonder, ‘Am I the only one who’s a f–kin’ mess?’ ”

On being sexually harassed on set: “I won’t name names, because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life. But I definitely worked with a director who made me very uncomfortable. I was young — maybe 19 or 20 — and we were on location, staying at the same hotel. And it was full-on: ‘Can I come inside your room?’ Just totally inappropriate. And then he’d do things like come to the makeup trailer and touch my hair. Or say, ‘Let me see your costume — turn around?’ It’s just never OK for someone to do that. Especially when they’re in a position of power.”

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