Zonnique Pullins’ Baby Daddy Apparently Doesn’t Want to Marry Her, Shades T.I.

In response to someone who asks whether he’s cool with the ‘Live Your Life’ rapper, Bandhunta Izzy posts a clip of a famous ‘In Living Color’ scene that features Damon Wayans’ Oswald Bates.

AceShowbiz -Marriage is apparently not on Bandhunta Izzy‘s plans at all. The hip-hop star, who is currently expecting a baby with his girlfriend Zonnique Pullins, held a small Q&A session on Instagram Stories as he received all kinds of questions related to his relationship with the daughter of Tiny Harris a.k.a. Tameka Cottle.

For instance, one person asked Izzy whether he has any plans to get married in the future, and based on his answer, it doesn’t look like he wants to do that. In response to the said person, the rapper simply posted an image of a black man looking confused. Despite that, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Zonnique at all because he shared a photo of them cuddling when responding to someone who asked what made him attracted to the pregnant star.

But when it comes to his relationship with Zonnique’s family, it doesn’t seem like Izzy and her stepfather T.I. are on good terms. When someone asked him whether or not he’s cool with the actor and rapper. Izzy posted a clip of a famous “In Living Color” scene in which Damon Wayans‘ Oswald Bates could be seen saying, “First of all, we must internalize the ‘flatulation’ of the matter by transmitting the effervescence of the ‘Indianisian’ proximity in order to further segregate the crux of my venereal infection.”

People were convinced that it was his way to throw a shade at Tip. “That T.I. slide was some slick shade… I’m dying,” one person said, while someone else understood why he posted the clip as writing, “T.I. is annoying sooo.” Another commented, “So it seems that he’s mocking her father’s hotep tendency to use theasuraus.com,” while one more person jumped to a conclusion, “In other words he and T.I. don’t have a relationship lol.”

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