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DECIDED TO go for the chop? A cute bob is gorgeous, so we don't blame you. But you might need to switch up your flat iron situation.

The best straighteners for short hair are small enough to allow you to get into the roots and style with ease.

If you have short or fine hair, you don't need wide or long plates.

A good one-inch thickness is enough, and often a "travel-sized" straightener will do the trick nicely.

Many mini straighteners also come with round-edge barrels to give you the option of a sleek and smooth finish or a little wave.

Even though you've got short hair, it's still a good idea to choose stylers with ceramic heat technology to protect against damage and create a glossy finish.

We've tracked down the best straighteners for short hair below. Bob's your uncle…

1. Best overall – Ghd mini styler

  • Ghd mini styler, £119 from Feel Unique – buy here

Add a little luxury to your hair routine with flat irons from the top dog of the straightening world, ghd.

These mini straightening stylers have sleek, narrow plates that are perfect for short hair as they allow you to get right to the root.

They're also fab for smoothing out any cowlicks, kinks and fringes while you're at it.

The straighteners maintain an optimum heat of 185C distributed evenly from root to tip for a smooth, flyaway-free finish.

2. Best price – BaByliss 2860BAU Pro 200 Nano Mini Straightener Pink

  • BaByliss 2860BAU Pro 200 Nano Mini Straightener Pink, £20.99 from Amazon – buy here

Big bulky flat irons are a no-no for shorter tresses.

Opt for a set of mini straighteners that have smaller plates, making it easier to get to the roots and for overall simplicity of styling.

This Babyliss pair has 200C high-heat performance, ceramic plates for a sleek salon-finish, and a cute little travel pouch.

Mini straighteners are also perfect for fringes or on-the-go touch-ups, and these plates are affordable, efficient and… fabulously pink.

3. Best for damaged hair – Cloud Nine Micro Iron Hair Straightener

  • Cloud Nine Micro Iron Hair Straightener, £69 from Selfridges- buy here

If you want to push the straightener boat out a little, opt for this indulgent – but excellent – pair from Cloud Nine.

With floating, mineral-coated ceramic plates, these babies glide through your hair without any snagging.

The plates also emit negative ions which lock-in moisture, minimise damage, and seal the hair's cuticle for a high-shine finish.

Small (but perfectly formed) they're ideal for styling short hair, tight curls and fringes, and are also brilliant for travel.

4. Best for quick styling on the go – Toni & Guy Style Fix Straightener

  • Toni & Guy Style Fix Straightener, £21.80 from Amazon – buy here

A snazzy little straightener set, these are ideal for anyone with short hair – and anyone that likes a little touch-up out and about.

The minis are small enough to fit in your handbag if need be, so you won't get caught with a hair out of place again.

They come with Tourmaline Colour Lock technology, which works to create shine, and have a top heat setting of a rather decent 210C. Looks good to us.

5. Best for travel – SYR Mini Size Travel Hair Straighteners

  • SYR Mini Size Travel Hair Straighteners, £14.99 from Amazon – buy here

Little, lightweight and small enough to fit in your handbag… But don't be fooled, because what they lack in size they make up for in results.

These purse-friendly flat irons are ideal for straightening short hair and also have curved edges so can create a little curl if desired.

They heat up to a healthy 200C and use ceramic technology so hair is smoothed without damage and frizz.

Also, they come with a super-stylish velvet travel pouch. What's not to love?

6. Best cordless option -BaByliss Pro Cordless Gas Straightener


  • BaByliss Cordless Gas Straightener, £23.45 from Amazon – buy here

Planning a camping trip or just bought your festival tickets for this summer? This is the straightener you'll need to take with you.

Small enough to fit in your travel bag, it quickly heats up to 215°C thanks to its gas powered heat system and you don't need to plug it in!

This means it will help you to keep your hair looking smooth wherever you are and come rain or shine.

It also has an automatic temperature control and a protective heat shield, so you don't need to worry about overheating.

7. Best designer option – Balmain Universal Cordless Straightener

  • Balmain Universal Cordless Straightener, £119.93 from Lookfantastic – buy here

Described as a "game changer" by Victoria Beckham herself, these straighteners are a god send for those who can afford their hefty price tag.

Designed "for travelling and backstage use", it's clearly a luxury offering aimed at those who want to impress. That said they do deliver great results.

Programmed with three heat settings – between 160°C to 200°C – the straighteners can be customised to suit your hair type to avoid any damage.

As they're cordless, small and lightweight they make an ideal travel companion and come in a stylish Balmain bag.

We'd recommend them to frequent travellers who are looking to invest in a premium product.

But those who don't want spend more than £50 on cordless flat irons, can opt for the option just above.

8. Best Ceramic option – Fari

  • Fari Hair Straightener, £19.99 from Amazon – buy here

Ceramic plates on hair straighteners are ideal for reducing frizz and giving shine. Ceramic plates will help to evenly distribute heat, while controling also. This is a win-win for your hair as it will smooth whilst protecting it. These mini ceramic hair straighteners from Fari are perfect for short hair. Not only do they have a dual voltage for taking them on holiday but they come with a mini travel bag to keep them clean and easily transportable. The price is also pleasing for the purse too!

9. Best Bathroom Mini Straightener – Piraw

  • Professional mini straightener, £11 from Piraw – buy here

Want an on-the-go mini straightener that plugs directly into a shaving socket? Then this bright addition from Piraw could be just the thing you need. It's a simple but effective straightener with an easy on/off button and with its small size is a great travel companion. Its bold colour also makes it eye-catching on any bathroom shelf!

10. Best Rechargeable Mini Straightener – Eldorable

  • Rose gold rechargeable straightener, £90 from Eldoreable – buy here

Always busy but still want your hair to look great? Then the Eldoreable could be your new best friend. With a sleek 21cm rose gold body, it charges solely through a USB cable for two hours, giving it forty minutes of direct heat time. It may be small but it still has three different temperature settings including 165℃, 185℃ and 205℃. We love that it can fit into a small handbag so you can touch it up anywhere and everywhere!

11. Best bold print straigtener – Ionika

  • Ionika mini straightener, £18.99 from Amazon – buy here

You will be sure to never lose your straightener with this bright print mini hair straightener from Ionika. It has ceramic plate technology, meaning it is also kind to the hair and with its dual voltage means it is suitable for worldwide travel. With forty-five second heat up time, you'll be picture perfect within minutes!

12. Best mini straighteners to curl with – Furiden

  • Furiden hair straightener, £26.99 from Amazon – buy here

Sometimes you not only want to straighten the hair but add a curl or flick to your look. This is achievable with hair straighteners that have small flat plates and a round or oval barrel. The Furiden encompasses all this – and more. It has two temperature settings, 180℃ and 220℃, and their heat-resistant silicone heats up quickly to reduces overall straightening and hairstyling time. Curls just wanna have fun!

Can you use straighteners on short hair?

Of course – although it might take some practice.

To make your task easier pick a straightener between half an inch to one inch.

If you have short hair, like a pixie cut, stick to the half-inch size.

To prevent any damage make sure to put some heat protection spray on your hair and brush it through before styling.

To achieve better results section your hair into two layers, the top and bottom halve of your hair.

And if you want to curl them use hairspray or sea salt spray to achieve that beachy texture

How can I make my short hair straight?

If your hair is short and thick it might be hard to style – but you can still achieve a sleek look.

Before styling, make sure you wash your hair with a shampoo as well as a conditioner and add some anti-frizz serum.

Once your hair is brushed, de-frizzed, and dried, it's time to get your straighteners out.

As we said above, it's better to section your hair to make the task easier.

Once you're done you can also add some anti-frizz spray for better results.

What hair straightener causes the least damage?

To minimise the damage to your hair the first thing you'll have to do is pick straighteners that are adapted to your hair texture.

Titanium hair straighteners are usually considered better for people with thick hair, while ceramic are recommended for those with thin or dry hair.

That's because titanium hair heaters can reach high temperatures in very little time for a quick hair styling experience.

Women with thinner or fragile hair don't need such high heat so they should stick to ceramic.

If you're addicted to your hair straighteners you should use heat protecting spray before styling and use a hydrating or repair mask a couple of times per week.

How to curl short hair with a straightener

If you want to curl short hair then the mini straightener is just the tool to do it. You start by sectioning hair and prepping it with a heat-protective spray. Then take a single section and clamp the iron closed around it. Twist it back on itself a half turn, almost similar to curling a ribbon. If your hair is long enough you can wrap the strand around the barrel but be aware to not leave it too long as the heat will work fast! Don't be put off if it doesn't come out exactly as planned first time. Curling takes time but after getting the hang of it, the hair can look very stylish.

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