14 Best Cleansers 2022 The Sun UK

THE high street is overflowing with skincare, so finding the best face cleansers for your personal routine can feel like an impossible feat, which is why we've come to the rescue.

Once you find your favourite, a face cleanser becomes your life-long companion for feeling fresh all day, every day. And everyone deserves to find their match.

You might already use face wash, but cleansers take your skincare that step further, ridding your face of all that dirt, debris and nasty stuff – basically, if you wear make-up, you need a cleanser.

A lot of people tend to use cleanser following face wash for a deep clean as part of both their morning and evening rituals, however to get the best out of both, you might want to analyse your skin type first.

Those with dry skin might benefit more from using oily or balmy products, whereas oily skin works well with natural-based cleansers. But a lot of cleansers are made for all skin types, so you don't always have to worry about specifics.

Whether you want a skin-brightening saviour or a deep-cleansing gem, we've found the best cleansers to buy now and we've even reviewed a few too. Let's get that skin glowing!

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