14 Maxwell Songs That Will Always Be On Repeat

Much like the man himself, Maxwell’s music catalog just gets better with time. From music to get you in the mood, to tunes that will help you through heartbreak, to that one special song that will always remind you of the one you love, you really can’t go wrong with an audio serenade from Maxwell.


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In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Maxwell’s chart-topping debut album, Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, we’ve pulled together a list of 13 songs from the multi-talented musician that are must-haves on any R&B playlist. Check it out below.









Maxwell’s cool factor skyrocketed with this beautifully written track.

This song is filled to the max with raw emotion that’s a signature for Maxwell.

This R. Kelly-produced track explores the beauty of love in a way that only Maxwell can accomplish.

Maxwell showcased his funky side with this track and there’s nothing else to do but groove with it.


Maxwell scores again with a song that’s about looking at life experiences in an honest way. This is a classic in our view.

Any Maxwell fan would appreciate this love song’s pretty lyrics.

“Sumthin’ Sumthin,’” a gem on Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite album, is filled with the sexy vibe we’ve all come to love.

Maxwell offers up a brilliant cover of “This Woman’s Work,” which was originally recorded by British singer Kate Bush.

Could “Til the Cops Come Knockin’” get any sexier? We don’t think so.

There’s no doubt that this track exposes the artist’s vulnerable side. Just one listen, and you can’t help but feel a slew of emotions.

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