15 Unusual Things About Tom Cruise’s Kids Connor And Bella We Can’t Get Over

We already know that Tom Cruise lives a very weird lifestyle and his connection to Scientology has certainly made it even weirder. He is one of the biggest bankable stars in Hollywood and he doesn’t seem to have trouble getting ladies involved in his weird world. But with his interesting life, he has also brought chaos in his life and in his children’s lives. One of the mysterious aspects of his lifestyle is his children Bella and Connor. They are both into Scientology just like their father which is probably why Katie Holmes pulled Suri out of Tom’s life when she did. The children are from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, but there are a lot of weird things going on with the children over the years. For one, they don’t have much contact with her even though they were close when she was still married to Tom.

Some of these stories are depressing, sad, or just plain weird. There are plenty of things that Tom doesn’t want us to know about his children. The world of Scientology is a creepy one and it’s kind of scary to think that there are children involved in it. Connor and Bella are loyal to their father and it seems like they share the same beliefs as him. You may think that you know everything there is to know about Tom Cruise’s children, but you would be dead wrong.

15 The Church Of Scientology Helped With The Adoption

We already feel just a little creepy about the whole thing. You may not have been aware that the Church of Scientology had their hands in the adoption of Bella and Connor Cruise. It was Nicole Kidman that really wanted to start a family, but at the time, they had trouble conceiving. It was then that they decided that they would consider adopting. Don’t the two of them just look so great together here? The first child they adopted was Isabella Jane Kidman Cruise and her real birth mother put her up for adoption after deciding to not raise a third child. The Church of Scientology coordinated the adoption because the mother of Isabella was actually a member of the church. Does that mean that Isabelle knows who her birth mother is? Connor was adopted after his birth in 1995. The fact that the Church of Scientology was also involved in the adoption seem a tad peculiar. This sort of thing should really go through a legit system. Is there no part of Tom’s life that isn’t affected by Scientology? It sometimes seems like Tom does not have a life of his own and now his kids don’t either.

14 Bella And Connor Were Raised With Restrictions 

Just like Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman couldn’t wait to get away from Scientology. Seriously, it’s creepy and we don’t know why the fact that all the women in his life fleeing isn’t a huge red flag to Cruise. When their marriage was on the rocks, many people blamed Scientology for getting rid of Kidman because she wasn’t a believer. When they finally did divorce, it was said that her daughter Bella was unhappy with Nicole. Since Leah Remini has left Scientology, she has been exposing the organized religion in her memoir as well as her TV show. After the Cruise-Holmes wedding, Leah Remini found herself in the same airport shuttle as Bella and Connor.

“Over the years at the Celebrity Centre, I had watched Tom and Nicole Kidman’s children grow up, but more recently, I’d gotten to know them better by spending time with them at Tom’s house,”

she recalled in her memoir. “The siblings, who were supervised by Sea Org members, often had their computers taken by the security force at CC to make sure they weren’t up to anything and to keep filters on so they couldn’t go on any websites that might get them asking questions.”

13 Bella Considers Her Mother To Be A Traitor

Leah Remini was always close to the kids and she always wondered why after the divorce they seemed to be estranged from their mother, Nicole. She had no idea why and decided to ask the kids while they were sitting in the airport. “I had always wondered why they didn’t have a relationship with their mom, but I could never ask them because there was always someone else around,” Remini wrote.

“Driving to the airport alone with them, I had my chance.” She simply asked the children if they ever spent time with their mom. “Not if I have a choice. Our mom is an SP,” Bella allegedly said, as quoted in Remini’s book. An SP, in Scientology terms, is a “suppressed person” who is considered to be an enemy of the church.

That’s very troubling, not to mention really sad to think that they don’t talk to Nicole Kidman just because of Scientology. Leah was shocked, but she reminded the kids that Nicole was still their mother. “Bella scoffed and said, ‘Well, she is,'” the actress wrote in her memoir. “Connor just looked out the window. There was something human about his silence and the sadness I felt in it.”

12 They Don’t Call Nicole “Mom”

There is just something really wrong with the way Nicole Kidman is being treated in this situation, especially by her own children. We don’t even know how she even deals with the abandonment of her own children. When the couple first got divorced, there was the issue of custody arrangements. But it wasn’t long before the issue of custody didn’t really matter because her kids became even more distant with her. No wonder Katie Holmes left Tom in the cloak of the night with her child, she probably feared she would also lose her daughter to Scientology.

The children were sent to a Scientology-run summer camp and when they came back, they weren’t really interested in having a relationship with their mother. Even before they cut off contact with Nicole, they stopped calling her “mom” and only referred to her by her first name.

Nicole told an interviewer on the British news program GMTV, “the children don’t call me ‘mommy.’ They don’t even call me ‘mom.’ They call me ‘Nicole’, which I hate, and tell them off for it.” That’s such a heartbreaking thing to hear and we feel really bad for her. She must miss her kids so much.

11 The Children Were Homeschooled

At the time, they weren’t calling Nicole “mom,” but they were calling Katie Holmes “mom” which must have hurt Nicole Kidman even more. Who wants to be replaced by the stepmom even if Katie Holmes was a good stepmom? It was as if Nicole had been completely replaced. She was definitely hurt by the whole thing, but the distance between her and her children seemed to be something she couldn’t change. The children, at the time, weren’t even going to public school. They were homeschooled which probably wasn’t the best idea since they seem to already be really sheltered by Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology.

It was Tom’s side of the family that was homeschooling his children and it was specifically Tom’s sisters Cass and Marian that were doing the teaching. With all of Tom’s money, you would think he would have his children in the best schools in the country.

But instead, he kept them sheltered and had them homeschool by family members. It’s definitely an odd situation and one we have a hard time understanding. “Sue is deeply maternal and full of unconditional love, which is beautiful. That’s why I wanted to do it. I relate to that. I feel that for my own children who are adopted. It’s not about anything else other than, ‘I wanted you.’ It’s that deep and personal, and whatever your journey is, I’m here to love and support you. That’s what I connected to,” Nicole told Vanity Fair.

10 Bella Didn’t Tell Nicole About Her Wedding

Could you imagine one of your children getting married and you’re not invited to the wedding? That’s what Bella did to her mother. It seems like Nicole is getting the brunt of all the bad behavior these days, but they are likely just as unimpressed with Katie Holmes as well. Bella was only 22 when she decided to get married and of course, Tom Cruise footed the bill. Tom didn’t attend the wedding because of his work schedule, apparently. It was Nicole that was banned from it. “The wedding was a Scientology ceremony. Nicole wasn’t there — she didn’t even know about it at all,” a source told the New York Post. Bella was getting married to an IT consultant named Max Parker and there was only a handful of friends.

“Bella really didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. There wasn’t even any sort of official reception as was very, very informal,”

an insider added to Us Weekly. Considering the fortune that Tom has, you would think she would have opted for a lavish wedding, but it just wasn’t something that she was into.

9 Katie Holmes Fired Bella Cruise From Her Clothing Line

Would you be shocked to know that Katie Holmes has her own clothing line called Holmes and Yang? She started the line when she was still married to Tom Cruise and at the time she even had Bella Cruise working for her. Many people at this point assume that Katie was planning on leaving Tom for a long time, even though it seemed like an “ambush” at the time. She had made careful plans for a while and only left when the moment was right. Bella was 19 at the time that she was working for Katie’s clothing line and when she was fired, she was shocked. It all became obvious why she was fired when news broke about Katie’s plans to divorce Tom. A source told Hollywood Reporter,

“There was never any trouble between them. Bella called Katie ‘mom.’ She was fired out of the blue, and once Katie filed for divorce, it all made sense. This was a carefully planned ambush. Katie didn’t want Bella working for her anymore because she was Tom’s kid.”

Well, that would be pretty obvious. Even if she loved the kids, she would have to do what was best to cut ties with Tom and Scientology so that it wouldn’t affect Suri.

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8 Bella And Connor Don’t See Suri

It’s a difficult situation and one that has probably affected Suri in a lot of ways. When Katie Holmes left Tom, she really had to scorch the Earth to make sure that Scientology would not be able to touch Suri in any way. That meant firing Bella from her clothing line and making it difficult for Tom to see Suri. It’s unlikely that both Connor and Bella get to see Suri either. It would have less to do with Tom and more to do with the fact that they are very much a part of the Scientology community. They were raised in Scientology and by the time Nicole left, they were already very active members. In a sense, Nicole Kidman lost her children to Scientology and that wasn’t something that Katie was going to risk at all. That means that Suri must be cut off from that entire side of the family, including Bella and Connor.

“Tom’s been out of their lives for so long, she and Katie have moved on,”

an insider exclusively told Life & Style, “to a life without daddy.” It definitely must be a hard thing for everyone involved to deal with, but Katie has to do whatever is in Suri’s best interest.

7 Connor And Bella Weren’t There For Their Grandfather 

Bella and Connor’s attitude seems cold as ice at times. If we know that Connor and Bella don’t see their mother, then it’s safe to assume that they don’t see any of her side of the family either. You would think after spending pretty much their whole lives with Kidman’s family that they would have some emotional attachment there, but it doesn’t appear as if they do. When Nicole’s father, Dr. Anthony Kidman, passed away, Nicole didn’t hear from her kids and what’s worse, they didn’t attend the funeral of their grandfather. They didn’t show up, nor did they acknowledge his death in any way. That must have really hurt Nicole and the rest of her family at the time. The most that came from Connor was that he tweeted the word “shocked,” but it didn’t stop him from going on expensive boats or driving fast cars, all the perks of his lavish lifestyle. We suppose we all grieve in different ways. Isabella, of course, was a no-show and it was probably because they didn’t want to have to see their mother at the time. We’re not sure these kids are making the best decisions and they are hurting their mother too.

6 Connor Lives The Life Of A Trust Fund Kid

Throughout the years, we have certainly wondered what the Cruise kids do with themselves. We don’t think either of them really has careers at this point. We noticed that Connor actually acted in one of Tom Cruise’s movies, but it doesn’t seem as if he’s really jumping into acting. It seems that Connor is more than comfortable with living the jet-setters life and living off his father’s money. It’s likely that both of his kids have generous trust funds.

Connor spends most of his time in Clearwater, Florida which is also the home of the Scientology headquarters. He has a three-bedroom home in the exclusive community built for Scientologists.

He also owns a $500,000 fishing boat that his father bought him. He also drives a $50,000 Mustang GT and is treated like royalty in the Scientology community. No wonder these kids don’t want to leave Scientology, they are treated like royalty just like their father is. Connor is very much devoted to Scientology just like Tom is and he is practically following in his father’s footsteps. Aside from occasionally being a DJ, Connor parties like a true socialite.

5 Connor Has tried To Reach Out To Nicole

There may be a day in the future when the children will allow Nicole back into their life, even if it’s just a little bit. We don’t expect them to have backyard BBQ’s together because she is still looked down upon by Scientology. We aren’t sure how much they would allow the kids to have contact with their mother, but the occasional lunch just might be possible. Connor was interviewed by Woman’s Day and they asked about his relationship with his mother. He told the magazine that his relationship with his mother was “solid,” but why are they never photographed together? “I love her a lot,” he continued. “My family means everything.” Either he lied about it or he was genuine in the fact that he cared about Nicole.

The relationship is strained between the children and their mother, but maybe it’s possible that they can grow closer together in the future. Isabella has even said of Nicole Kidman. “I love mom. She’s my mom. She’s great. I see her sometimes and I speak to her.” It sounds a little robotic so who knows what is really going on. Only time will tell if the family can repair itself.

4 Scientologists Want Connor To Become A Leader One Day

It just keeps getting creepier by the minute. As we said before, Connor is considered to be royalty in the organized religion and they are hoping they can use him in the future. The high-powered leaders of Scientology treat him like royalty in the hopes that they can convince him to be the face of the religion in a very important way. Tom Cruise has certainly become the face of Scientology and they want Connor to follow in his father’s footsteps. A source from the church revealed,

“The name Cruise is synonymous in Scientology. High-level church officials think it’s imperative Connor carries the torch, now more than ever since his sister Bella married and changed her name.”

Connor gets VIP treatment when he shows up to the headquarters and there is even someone that parks his car for him. The valets are usually only for mini buses that show up to take members to places, but Connor makes good use of it. The source stated, “It’s unprecedented for any member to be allowed to park right outside the main entrance, which is strictly reserved for the churches buses, shuttling staff to and from their living quarters.”

3 Isabella Is Looking At A Career In Makeup

Isabella seems to be a little more low key than her brother and isn’t out living a wild or even luxurious lifestyle. The Scientology community seems less concerned with her being the face of the religion since she changed her last name when she got married. She also moved to the UK to be with her husband Max Parker, so she’s not always around at the Clearwater headquarters. When it came time for her to get married, she wasn’t interested in anything lavish and that was more than okay with Tom.

She has taken on a simple career as a makeup artist and that seems to suit her just fine. According to People magazine, Isabella graduated from West London’s Delmar Academy of Makeup and Hair where she studied to be a makeup artist. Connor is working as a DJ and she is a makeup artist and who knows what Suri is going to become. She also started her own clothing line recently and maybe she got inspiration from Katie. She called it BKC which stands for Bella Kidman Cruise. Did she just put out an olive branch to her mother? She said it was her dream to have her own clothing line.

2 Connor Battled With His Weight For Years

Connor has been up and down in weight over the years and actually struggled with it at one time. But these days he is making good use of Scientology restaurants that are within the gated community. They are gluten-free and he often chooses healthy options. Since then he has been able to control his weight. He’s also a chain smoker and that can’t be good for his health either but it’s not something that he’s willing to give up. There are three restaurants in the community and they aren’t open to the general public. They have the kind of quality that would make Gordan Ramsey proud.

“The chefs will cook up anything he asks for but he’s actually a man of simple pleasures and orders from the menu at the Hourglass restaurant,”

the source said, adding, “He’s into the healthy options and usually orders something gluten-free.” He is often seen in the dining area on the balcony that overlooks the garden and water. He is often seen smoking cigarettes out there. “Connor is a curious guy, he’s always asking questions and like his dad, is highly respected,” a source said. “The public is welcome inside the lobby to admire the beauty but generally speaking, it’s a hotel strictly for members. It’s a retreat.”

1 Connor Takes His Fishing Seriously

One of the reasons why Tom Cruise bought his son a $500,000 fishing boat was because he’s obsessed with deep-sea fishing. He got the boat for his 21st birthday and it makes us want to be one of Tom Cruise’s kids. That’s quite the birthday gift, but Tom does have a lot of money. The young man is often the envy of his friends and we can see why. The boat “has quad-engines and a top speed of around 70 MPH.” Connor is always out fishing and he takes the sport very seriously. A source said,

“Connor takes his fishing seriously and heads out before sunrise around 4 a.m. Sometimes, he’ll eat his catch but it’s mostly a sport, for Connor, he enjoys the challenge and competition. There are a few guys at the marina who go out with him, he’s got a good social crowd who are all older than him and it’s mixed between non-believers and Scientologists.”

It sounds like he has no problem taking his friends out and having a good time with them even if they aren’t believers. All and all the two kids seem like they live just as abnormal of a life as their father does.

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