25 Reasons Why Cameron Diaz Needs Pregnancy Tips From Nicole Richie

Recently it broke that Cameron Diaz is finally pregnant! Many people are starting to compare her pregnancy to that of Nicole Richie. Nicole Richie has already had two kids in the past so she’s more of an experienced mom. During her pregnancy, there were certain things that stuck out to people and now they’re being used to compare to how Cameron Diaz is going about her pregnancy.

People have analyzed these photos and started to pit the two women against each other of who has a better pregnancy lifestyle. Many people believe that Nicole Richie takes the cake but not without Cameron Diaz putting up a fair fight. Whatever the outcome of who has a better pregnancy lifestyle we know that both celebrities will be happy to introduce a new life into the world.

Now it’s time to get down to the tiny details hidden in these images taken by paparazzi to see who has the better pregnancy lifestyle. We’ve analyzed photos from each celebrity taken from their day to day life and chosen who is better at being pregnant!

25 Wearing It As An Accessory

Unlike Cameron Diaz, who we will see in a bit, Nicole Richie isn’t afraid of showing off her baby bump. In several pictures taken by paparazzi, we can see Nicole Richie rocking things that show off the fact that she’s pregnant. Such as in this picture by Celebrity Babies and Kids we can see Nicole Richie wearing a revealing dress that would make anyone know that she’s almost ready to have a kid.

When she was pregnant she could be seen wearing these types of clothing everywhere she goes whether it be a leisurely day out or when she’s working. This is unlike Cameron Diaz who has been seen in several photos attempting to cover up the fact that she is pregnant. You have to embrace it early on!

24 Cameron Is Reserved About Her Pregnancy

As mentioned before Cameron Diaz is more reserved with mentioning her pregnancy. This could have several layers as to why. Perhaps she doesn’t want to have a large media presence when she is dealing with her first pregnancy, which is totally understandable. Whatever the case Cameron’s baby bump has gotten to a point where it’s no longer invisible.

Now that it’s super noticeable Cameron Diaz doesn’t try to hide it as much. She is still working and going out in public with maternity clothes. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that she attempted to hide it early on with baggy clothing and large jackets during the winter time.

23 Nicole Richie Has A Better Style

Nicole’s choice of clothing during her pregnancies seriously outweigh Cameron Diaz’s. Nicole can be seen rocking short dresses to long colorful ones as seen in the picture above. Step one to having good fashion goes back to owning up to the fact that you’re pregnant and that is something that Nicole has down.

Once you’ve done that you can get away with wearing just about anything. While Cameron Diaz tries to play it safe with some of the things she wears, Nicole decides to get a little exotic with her choices at times. We can’t wait to see what other exotic maternity clothes Nicole has in store if she ever gets pregnant again.

22 A Good Dad

Not to say that Nicole’s children’s dad isn’t a good dad but we’ve already seen Benji Madden being a great husband to Cameron Diaz. He has opened the romance back up in the world of Hollywood and we expect him to do the same when their child arrives. In several paparazzi pictures of Diaz in public we can see Benji right alongside her.

Often times they seem to be having a light-hearted conversation and many of us can’t wait to see a child in between them when they’re out and about. While Benji doesn’t look like he’d fit the bill of being a great dad we’re sure he’ll exceed expectations.

21 Speaking Of The Maddens

As stated before we’re not discounting Benji Madden’s brother, Joel Madden. Benji Madden is more noticeable in Cameron Diaz’s life through the pictures they’ve taken together versus how many Nicole and Joel are in together. This, of course, doesn’t discount the fact that Joel has proven that he’s a great father to their two kids they have currently.

Joel is also known to be a great husband but stays out of the limelight more than his brother at least when they’re with their wives. He likes to care for his two kids in private and was there every step of Nicole’s pregnancies.

20 Cameron Diaz’s Age

Age is always a factor when deciding whether to have a kid or not. It’s no surprise that Cameron Diaz is creeping on up there in age. Most parents by the time they are fifty are having grandchildren and for Cameron Diaz to be pregnant at 46 it seems a little worse for ware.

This, of course, doesn’t mean much in the way of the child’s health. Rather it could have significant lasting effects on Diaz with her physical and mental health while dealing with a newborn at her age. There are of course people who have children when they’re in their forty’s and even later than that but it is something to factor in when comparing the two.

19 The Perfect Age To Have A Kid

In many ways, when Nicole Richie had her kids, it was the perfect time to have a child. She was in her mid-twenties when she had her two kids who are about two years apart. A child born to a mom who is in her twenties has fewer health risks than one like Cameron Diaz who is in her forties.

There also isn’t a huge divide in time from the child to the mother which can make the relationship between the child and parent closer. Nicole Richie’s kids are most likely more close to her than Cameron Diaz’s kids will be since there isn’t a huge difference in age. Cameron Diaz’s kids will likely see her as more of a grandma than a mom.

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18 No Experience

Many people are calling Cameron Diaz’s pregnancy a miracle and in some respects it is. Due to her age, it was unknown if Cameron Diaz would ever be able to have a baby but here she is. However, now that she is having a baby she may find it a bit harder than people make it out to be.

She is coming from inexperience in the field of children. Therefore there is a lot for her to learn and at her age, this may prove to be difficult. It is certainly a new and exciting chapter in one’s life but it’s better if you’ve had experience with it in the first place, especially when you are Cameron’s age. This is where we give Nicole Richie some more points.

17 The Experience Of A Mother

Nicole Richie already had one kid before having another. Therefore she had experience with what childbirth is like. Most moms would agree that pregnancy is easier when you’ve already had a kid. Moms who are pregnant with a second child know what to expect from the process and the health risks are lower.

This happened with Nicole Richie when she had her second kid. Most likely both of her kids were planned due to their difference of age. It’s unknown if Nicole will have any more kids in the future but if she does at least she will have the experience of her first two.

16 The Anxiety Of Giving Birth

We’ve already established the fact that Cameron Diaz is a bit on the older end of having a baby. So what kind of health risks could that present to her during and after childbirth? Well for starters during childbirth the mother can experience large amounts of anxiety. Of course, this isn’t just for older pregnant women but can happen more frequently and cause more damage.

Anxiety is something she will most likely be able to get over. After having the baby and finding out that there aren’t any complications with Cameron Diaz or the baby the anxiety will most likely dissipate. However, until then we wouldn’t be surprised if Diaz is witnessing larger levels of anxiety during the pregnancy.

15 The Movie Star

Cameron Diaz is most popular for her acting abilities. She’s been in more romantic comedies than we can count. Therefore she has a big presence in the film industry and in Hollywood in general. We’re not sure what projects Cameron Diaz is working on right now or if she is even working on anything during her pregnancy.

In an interview with CNN Cameron Diaz stated she may be ready to retire. This is up in the air as the interviewer was joking with Cameron Diaz about how she hasn’t starred in a movie since 2014. Cameron took the opportunity to say she was actually retired. Whether this is true or not we wouldn’t be surprised if the actress came out and confirmed her retirement due to the new kid on the way. This would give her plenty of time to be a great mom!

14 Living The High Life

Not only does Nicole Richie have one of the most famous actresses for a sister in law but she also has a husband who is constantly touring. Nicole makes it her mission to try and follow her husband and his work whenever she can. This means getting to travel to exotic places with him and even Cameron Diaz sometimes. She was even doing this when she was pregnant with her two kids.

Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz were spotted leaving a five-star hotel in Dublin after their husbands had a show there. It’s speculated that they were spending over $3,000 dollars a night to stay in the hotel. Perhaps this is Cameron Diaz’s way of living the last bits of life before a child takes it over.

13 Cameron Diaz’s Excitement

To anyone, the news of having a baby can be an exciting one but especially for Cameron Diaz. We’ve already established that Cameron Diaz and her husband Benji Madden have been trying to have a baby since they got married in 2015. The miracle has finally come to fruition and the excitement levels are through the roof for the two celebrities.

Cameron Diaz spoke about retiring but also spoke about how she’s been enjoying staying out of the limelight. She spoke about enjoying staying at home and being a housewife. This is undoubtedly preparing her for when the baby arrives later this year. Cameron Diaz’s excitement goes to prove that she will be a great mom and always care for her child.

12 A Connected Family

If you were asked to name a better father-daughter relationship than the one with Lionel Richie and Nicole Richie it may prove to be impossible. The Richie’s have always been family first and there was no exception when Nicole delivered two new lives into the world. The Richie family has always been strong in looking out for one another.

Before Nicole had children the Richie family was one of the strongest in Hollywood and when her kids came along it just made their family become closer. Seeing a family like this is rare in Hollywood. This is probably the best spot for Nicole to raise her kids since she will always have her family to depend on.

11 Adoption Was Always An Option

Cameron Diaz always wanted a kid and when it wasn’t looking like she could have one naturally adoption was always the next step. It’s unknown how far Cameron Diaz and her husband got into the adoption progress but they can likely put that all behind them now. The question is will Cameron Diaz’s baby be an only child?

With Cameron Diaz getting older and older it’s riskier to try and have another child naturally. If Cameron Diaz and her husband think that the kid should have a brother or sister they could always turn back to the idea of adoption.

10 Nicole Took Her Own Advice

Seeing as Nicole Richie has already had two kids she recently stated that she has some unique advice to give pregnant women. While many would assume her advice would be about trying to keep the baby healthy it’s more about maintaining boundaries during pregnancy.

Her first rule is to tell people that it isn’t okay to assume that being pregnant is an open invitation to touching her stomach. During an interview with PEOPLE, Nicole stated “I would say, ‘Don’t let anyone touch your stomach. Don’t let everyone think they have the right to just touch you. Who wants that? Nobody!”

9 Adopting Healthy Habits Late

Cameron Diaz has always lived a healthy life but there are still things that must be given up in order to have a successful pregnancy. She has lived her whole life with little to no restrictions on what she could do with her life. That changes when there is a baby involved. At her age, it may seem a bit harder to let go of some of her more bad habits.

The best advice doctors give to older first-time moms is to give up bad foods. Anything from coffee to high carb items. This can lead to being overweight which isn’t healthy for the child. It seems Cameron Diaz may have to give up a few of her favorite treats but otherwise, she seems to have her health in order.

8 No One Way To Raise Children

Nicole Richie is a big believer in the thought of there is no one way to raise children. This basically means that when parents give advice to a new mother it isn’t the only way to raise a child. It’s in the parent’s hands to decide how they want to raise their children. After dealing with some pressure from her parents, Nicole told interviewers “There’s not one way to raise children.”

She sees a lot of new mothers who are lost and sometimes they need advice but it’s up to them to take it to heart. She also stated, “There’s not one way to be a mother. It really depends on your house and your lifestyle.”

7 Increased Doctors Visits

Cameron Diaz will most likely see an increase in doctors visits due to her age. Most likely just more routine checkups that will make sure the baby is healthy and on schedule for delivery. A common occurrence in older women is the chances of premature birth which could occur with Diaz.

We’re sure she has the best doctors to make sure that her first baby is to be a healthy child. This surely doesn’t reduce her stress when it comes to having to maintain these doctors appointments and keeping up with how her baby is doing. This can be very taxing to a mother and may affect Diaz’s mood up until birth.

6 Her Pregnancies Helped Her Stay On Track

Nicole Richie spoke to ABC about how two things helped her straighten her life out. Those two things were her husband and her pregnancies. Nicole Richie is no stranger to the law and has had an instance of DUI. She has stated she has a problem and it wasn’t until her husband came along to help her out.

After that, she claims that it was her pregnancies that helped her maintain a healthy lifestyle.  She’s quoted as saying, “I don’t have time for that, you know, at this stage in my life,” when speaking to ABC about her old addictions and overcoming them. Many moms talk about the miracle that is their children because they make them better people in the end.

5 Hospital Birth Is The Safest Route

Many moms, especially celebrity moms, are opting to have home births. Home births are mainly used to make the mom feel more comfortable while delivering which can increase the chances of the baby feeling comfortable as well. However, the older you get the more options for a birth going wrong occur.

It’s always smart to have an experienced professional there to help with the birth if it’s at home or at a hospital. However, a hospital has more resources so if something were to truly go wrong they have a better chance of recovering at a hospital. It seems like the best route Cameron Diaz can take at this moment.

4 Raising The Baby In A Good Environment

As stated before one of Nicole’s big things is being able to raise a child in her own environment and let her parenting skills come naturally from that. There’s no doubt that she’s done that with her first two children. She’s a product of Hollywood so her children should have the same treatment she did growing up.

Nicole’s advice can be very important to young parents. The environment you raise your kid in can have a great impact on the rest of its life. It’s just as important as the way you parent them along with where you parent them. Nicole has been a mom for almost a decade now and she knows what she’s doing.

3 Reduced Likeliness For Natural Birth

While this isn’t always the case for older moms about to give birth it is for a lot. Many moms want to have a natural birth which means they don’t want any drugs to help numb the pain. The main reason for this is to allow for the mother and child to be more connected upon childbirth. Often times using drugs can sedate the child as well making it less likely that they will feel as attached to their mother.

Hopefully, with the doctors, Cameron Diaz can afford she will have more wiggle room with the way she wants to conduct her childbirth. However, this can cause some complications with the mother afterward. Whatever the case we’re all hoping for a safe birth for Cameron Diaz.

2 Coolest Grandfather

You can’t mention Nicole Richie without mentioning her father Lionel Richie. The great musician is known for some of the greatest songs that came out in the 80’s. He proved to the world that he’s a great father and he’s already shown that he’s a great-grandfather. There isn’t anything he wouldn’t do for his daughter and that extends to his grandchildren.

We’d love to see the times when granddad Lionel got to babysit for Nicole and how connected he is to his grandchildren’s lives. It’s great to see a celebrity family stay close and love one another. Lionel is no doubt one of the greatest grandfathers and is involved in every aspect of his family’s lives.

1 The First Born

While Cameron Diaz may fall short in her pregnancy lifestyle against Nicole Richie she is still excited to see her newborn come into the world. Cameron Diaz is a bit old to be having children but that doesn’t mean it’s any less special. Especially since this is the first child Cameron Diaz is having.

There will be a lot of trials and tribulations when it comes to raising her first kid but we’re sure with the help of her husband they will do just fine. Plus, Nicole Richie will always be there to help Cameron Diaz raise her kid. She will be one great aunt!

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