25 Things That Are Likely To Happen In Margot Robbie’s Birds Of Prey Movie

DC Entertainment has been putting out some terrific comics for many years now. However, they realized at one point that females across the comics could use a series that focused mostly on them. This left us the Birds of Prey. It focused on an original group of a few and grew from there.

They’re usually beloved in the comics, and most of the versions of the characters are used in other forms. For example, Black Canary and all we know her to be is largely based on how she is used in the Birds of Prey comic series. This is an essential thing to see. When women have a comic book all their own, they are no longer bit characters in another comic book.

This allowed someone like Canary to travel outside of the Green Arrow comic book series and become her own legitimate badass. She was no longer a shadow of the Green Arrow nor someone who was a background player/love interest only. She was her own person who was amazing and stood the test of time. The Birds of Prey gave this to us. But it’s not the only thing they gave us.

With a new movie being given the green light by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, we felt it would be a good thing to shed some light on the comic and the characters. We’ll give you a load of information that details specific things that the movie needs to make sure they include if they wish to stay true to the characters. With that said, we hope you enjoy!

25 The Original Team Will Likely Be Messed With

The original Birds of Prey were formed by Black Canary, Huntress, and Batgirl. They had several other members, which we’ll likely go over later, but the original three are important to note. The reason why we see these three is that they were actually in the comics for many years. The first comic was published in 1996, which is an essential thing to keep in mind.

Margot Robbie will be in this movie, and thus Harley Quinn will be in it. The original team did not have Quinn as she was a villain at the time, and was not a comic book character. She was invented by the Batman animated television show on The WB. This means Harley would not join the hero world until the Suicide Squad comic series. Therefore they’re going to go out of canon just to add her to the team. In fact, Harley never once was part of the team in the comics. Even worse, Harley never really went against them either.

24 Black Canary Is The Leader

Another thing that will likely be messed with is that Black Canary was the leader of the Birds of Prey, full stop, every time she was part of a mission. While everyone on her teams brought something useful to the group, she led every operation. She was also trained in this area, a skilled fighter, and was such a big deal in the comics due to her use here. With Robbie being attached to the project, she’ll likely want Harley as the alpha of the team.

With Quinn not appearing as part of the team at any point, it seems odd if creators of the series decide to make her the de facto leader of the group. In fact, the obvious idea with the “Birds of Prey” name is its use in animals with some avian connection. Though many members part of the group did not have a bird name attached…Canary did and was the leader.

23 The Archer Braun Connection

Archer Braun is a skilled fighter from the comics who has a form of psychic power where he can read minds. Though not as good as some meta-humans, he’s still quite skilled here. His fighting can be useful as he can know literally every move coming due to reading it before it happens. He is a good villain in the comics and one the Birds of Prey have run into a few times. However, he is vastly important to the team forming.

He’s the very reason Black Canary and Huntress come together, and eventually joined by Batgirl and future member Ladyhawk, they become the Birds of Prey team. Without Archer, this does not occur. So a reference to this character or a use of him as a big bad for the movie would be tremendous.

22 Huntress Was Very Secretive

It’s kind of interesting that people tend to think anyone trained by Batman would keep their identity a secret all the time, even with friends. This is pretty true, as Dick Grayson and Tim Drake hid their identity as Robin and Nightwing from close friends outside the Bat-Family. However, Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) was not like them and did not mind her good superheroine friends from knowing her true identity.

The same happened with Black Canary. However, Huntress did not reveal her identity to her Birds of Prey friends for some time. Her issues with trust truly made this hard for her to do. Her real name, Helena Bertinelli, would be withheld for a while due to it. Her father had connections to basically a mob and was the head crime boss for his organization. She did not want people knowing this, as it could ruin her rep and cost lives.

21 Black Canary’s Costume

While this is not exactly common knowledge, it is well-known to those who know the Black Canary character well. In Birds of Prey and even parts of the Green Arrow comic books, it’s revealed that Dinah (Laurel) Lance or Black Canary had an interesting costume. She actually had roughly short, brown hair. Not wanting people to know who she was as she fought, she wore a blonde wig with her outfit.

Fearing it would fall off during battles, it was also attached to the costume so that it would never go anywhere. She is seen throughout the Birds of Prey series with this use of her costume as well as her normal brown hair. The television show Arrow help to popularize this with their use of Sara Lance when she was the Black Canary but not as often with their version of Laurel Lance as she took up the mantle.

20 The Core Group Is Incredibly Close

While there are a number of members who join the Birds of Prey over the years as part of the main squad or for certain missions, the core members are close. Huntress, Batgirl, and Black Canary are the best of friends. They are drawn and written to be as close as they can be, with even points where they sleep at each other’s homes here and there. It’s actually pretty sweet and shows a true innocence in the group of women and true friendship.

Throughout the DC Comics Universe, we see male friends like Batman and Superman who would call each other best buds. However, they lack any true ability of closeness to even normal male levels. Meanwhile, we might get the norm with The Flash and Green Lantern. However, until Birds of Prey, it seemed like the female friendship appearance was missing from their world. The comic series showed this to us and the movie should too.

19 Men Were In The Group Too

Often forgotten about the Birds of Prey is that, while it was originally intended to be a mostly female superheroine squad…it included men too. A few people involved were Wildcat (Canary’s trainer), Hawk, and two versions of the Blue Beetles. Ted Kord was the original Beetle and a top aide to many heroes including these women. Wildcat, of course, did not just train Canary but many others too.

Hawk joined when his partner, Dove, also joined. That said, the series still mostly focused on females. This is why is often referred to when people mention all-female comics in the DCU. However, the fact that it included men is very important to note. Considering they were actually an extremely useful addition during certain story-arcs.

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18 Though Not Very Diverse

One funny part about the Birds of Prey is that, while men did have the chance to work in the group, it’s actually not diverse. They never included a black man or woman in the group, as well as very few Hispanic women or men too. Mostly white women appeared in it, but this is actually a good and bad thing for the movie world. You’d want to keep to the system of women, and due to the character appearance, most will need to be white.

However, people like Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya could be in the group and give you the necessary women to get rid of this trend in the Birds of Prey series. Both are minorities, and both were “technically” part of the series. That said, we feel it would go very well to change up a few things to help make the diversity stick out.

17 Speaking Of Renee Montoya

Renee Montoya was at one point a Gotham City Detective. This caught the eye of several people, in particular, Vic Sage. Sage is known as The Question in the comics and would ask her to be his partner at one point. She’d eventually take over as The Question when Sage had to give it up. Montoya handled this role for a little while before The New 52 section of comics came into play.

She would be removed from the role as The Question shortly into that New 52 run, but we’d see less and less of Vic and The Question. Yet we’d see Renee a lot, considering she happens to be a lesbian and in a relationship with Kate Kane or Batwoman. So, we know she is a big character to add to the movie because of all of this. It appears she will be too, according to recent reports. Renee was part of the comic series at one point, at least.

16 Birds Of Prey Villains Possible To Use

We referenced Archer beforehand, but he is not the only villain the Birds of Prey went up against. They notably went head to head with some pretty awesome characters like Deathstroke, Cheshire, Blockbuster, and Lady Shiva. Currently, Deathstroke is already involved in the DC movie world and appeared at the end of the Justice League movie. The plan for the second Justice League movie would be to involve the Legion of Doom.

Deathstroke among others would need to be part of it, but they have not really set up Deathstroke in his own big bad role yet. He was supposed to be the villain for the Batman film starring Ben Affleck, but this appears to not be happening. So his inclusion in Birds of Prey makes sense. However, one of their greatest villains is Lady Shiva and if they want to stick with an all-female cast…she or Cheshire would be the best two choices.

15 The Inclusion Of Lady Shiva

Regarding Lady Shiva and her use in Birds of Prey, she is one heck of a villain. She was part of the League of Assassins and eventually went on her own way. She is often used as an assassin for hire, similar to Cheshire. This likely will mean the two of them could be the villains in the movie or one down the line. Shiva is considered one of the best fighters in all of DC Comics. Shiva once took it to Batman himself as well as other major fighters in the comics.

That said, Shiva is possibly the best choice to go with for the big bad of an all-female superhero movie cast. Shiva’s story is pretty compelling and it is actually revealed within the Birds of Prey story arc that she is always looking for a worthy opponent. She considers Black Canary that person, due to her fighting ability. It is said that she tries to find the one worthy because she secretly hopes one will eventually slay her, so she can finally rest.

14 Batgirl Is Very Much Unlike Batman, But Canary Isn’t

Batman is known to be all business. He’s a serious guy who rarely cracks a joke. It’s often difficult for him to let anything get in the way of his mission. This is why having a life as Bruce Wayne is often difficult for him, as he can never truly live it. It’s all a fake to hide his identity as the Dark Knight. Personal lives can be hard for all superheroes, but for Batman, it is extra difficult. This is not so for Batgirl.

She is often treated like any other young women in the story-arcs. She can date and even does get together with Dick Grayson at one point as well as Tim Drake. Depending on the comic series you read, of course. Meanwhile, Black Canary is very business focused. Though she often has a relationship with Oliver Queen, this is not so in the New 52 comics. So we kind of see a different version of Canary that is a lot like a female Batman. Oddly.

13 Tension Within Team


It is no secret that comic creators constantly pair off their superheroes. Romances are never few or far between, and fans either love it or hate it. Sometimes the hate is warranted, while others it isn’t, but writers do whatever they want to keep the story going.

In terms of Birds of Prey, it is well known that there is some tension between the teammates, as well as some villains, like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Fans of the comics bow to the creators for this, for including girls loving girls and boys loving boys. It is a great way that the comics push for inclusion, and show that not everyone is straight in the world.

12 The Inclusion of Poison Ivy

One character sure to make her way to the Birds of Prey movie in the first installment or one following is Poison Ivy. Known mostly as someone who would want to do bad things to help the Earth, she was also a hero at times too. She would be used in hero forms within Birds of Prey comics here and there. Her use was often similar to the use of Swamp Thing from male teams.

For Swamp Thing, his biggest thing was protecting “the green” or the Earth. This is the same thing Ivy wanted to do, so when a female was needed for the same situation…Poison Ivy made sense. So most stories she takes part in as a hero has to do with the use of stopping a problem that could affect the Earth itself. It would be excellent to use a good version of Poison Ivy in live-action, as she fits the group in many ways.

11 The Open Criticism On The Name

It’s clear that a name like “Birds of Prey” may sound cool, but it does not make a whole lot of sense, does it? While members like Batgirl and Black Canary have an avian connection and other members like Ladyhawk, Hawkgirl, Hawk, Dove, etc. had bird names to them…most other members did not. Huntress, a founding member, does not have a bird-name connection at all.

In fact, the name is openly made fun of in the comics itself. At one point, Blue Beetle claimed the name of the group sounded crazy, considering the limited bird name people in the group. Mostly, the name was in play due to the comic being a place for Black Canary to shine. This is why using someone like Harley Quinn in the group isn’t an issue, but she just could never be the leader of it.

10 the canon comic

A story arc in the comics known as “The Killing Joke” might be one of the most brutal comics in all of DC Entertainment history. The reason? The Joker went wild in this comic. While the story is much deeper than this, and we advise you to read the comic if you want to know more.

It is horrific, and to make a long story short, the Joker paralyzes Barbara for many years. She has to retire as Batgirl due to all of this but would become a character known as The Oracle. She’d assist the Birds of Prey team as well as Batman for many years in this position.

9 The Harley Quinn Issue

Harley Quinn, last we saw her in Suicide Squad, still had a thing for The Joker. However, we don’t know whether or not she knows about what he did to the Oracle.

Due to this situation, if Quinn were to still have a thing for The Joker by the time the Birds of Prey movie comes into play…she would be violating everything that the team is known for. The female friend closeness, the love they have for each other, and how they will always protect each other. If Quinn refuses to do this and loves the very man that put Barbara on the shelf, it would become a terrible situation for the movie to explain away.

8 Cassandra Cain Could Take Batgirl’s Place

As mentioned earlier on, a person that could work for the Birds of Prey movie is a person named Cassandra Cain. Early reports on the movie have claimed that the script mentioned Cassandra Cain and thus, they’d be bringing in Batgirl. Obviously, it would be tough to have a Birds of Prey movie without Black Canary or Batgirl, but if they did want to go straight to Barbara as Oracle…the use of Batgirl does not have to be in play. At least Barbara is there.

We know that they’re going this direction, but the addition of Cain as Batgirl would be essential. She takes up the mantle as Batgirl after Gordon can no longer assume the role. Eventually, she becomes so popular that she gets her own Batgirl series.

7 The Clocktower

When Barbara Gordon was too hurt to be Batgirl, she still wanted to help and thus the Oracle character was born. This eventually led to her feeling the cave was not the best place to be and would take over something known as The Clocktower to be her base of operations. This area would be extremely secure, with almost impossible ways to get in if Barbara did not want you there.

Very few people know about the existence of this tower and what went on in it, which was a huge asset. Eventually, the Birds of Prey would make it their home and base of operations with Oracle. Though Barbara would still help Batman out of the Clocktower, the Birds of Prey were often here to discuss everything. Similar to the Batcave, but not underground. It makes sense for birds to be higher up, right?

6 Jim Gordon Problem

For many years, Barbara Gordon would operate as Batgirl alongside Batman without her father ever knowing. She would sneak in and out of her home, seemingly with ease. This in spite of the fact her father was a detective and now active police commissioner. Due to The Killing Joke story-arc, Jim and Barbara only grow closer due to the actions The Joker took against them both.

Barbara becomes Oracle and somehow is still able to keep this from her father. Though she is older and no longer living at home by this point, it’s not as if she could easily hide everything. Eventually, Gordon does find out that she was once Batgirl and is now Oracle. He’s amazed by it, as one would be. That said, the movie should do its best to keep Jim Gordon in the dark about his daughter for at least a movie or two.

5 The Gotham City Sirens

Many are under the impression that the inclusion of Harley Quinn in the Birds of Prey movie could indicate that she won’t be part of the Birds for the first film. It could be a longer acting situation, where the Gotham City Sirens could be the big bads for the movie. The group is made up of Harley, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. They’re a popular trio in the comics and are basically villains, though with a slight heart about them.

Due to Huntress, Batgirl, and Black Canary being the original Birds of Prey…even numbers come into play with the Sirens. That said, it could be that Harley Quinn, now free from the bomb that Amanda Waller put in her head in Suicide Squad, is back at crime again. This time, she’s alongside her best girlfriends in Ivy and Catwoman…minus The Joker. They might be planning something huge, which could lead to the Birds of Prey attempting to stop them. This would be the best possible option for the movie, honestly.

4 There’s An Open Invite To Any Female Hero

For what seems to be forever, the Birds of Prey is treated as a major female comic despite its inclusion of men many times. This was something that DC Entertainment felt was a huge asset to the series. It allowed them to say they had a “mostly” female comic series and that is big in its own right. Eventually, the comic series would become a hub for various female superheroes and supervillains.

It worked for many years, and that led to the open invitation from the Birds of Prey to any and all female superheroes. If they wanted to be part of the team, they would be accepted. This resulted in several of DC’s top female heroes, including Wonder Woman, to appear and help the Birds of Prey in various story-arcs.

3 The Female Advantage

One very important and highly common thing the Birds of Prey would use is their female advantages over men. We have a number of very good looking women who would flirt with men in order to get what they wanted.

Yes, that meant they’d go a bit further than needed to get what they wanted. They’d even use female charm on women, especially characters like Renee. This will most likely be involved in the movie.

2 ask questions later

There was often a code among heroes in that, they’d never end a villain if it could be avoided at any cost. This is why Batman never ended the life of The Joker, despite the horrible things he did. The code from these heroes was passed to people like Black Canary and Batgirl. The biggest wildcard was always Huntress and the converted villains like Catwoman or Poison Ivy.

The ladies would often step in to help stop their friend from going that far, even though they understood why they wanted to make that decision.

1 The rating of the film

It was said that at one point, R-Rated superhero movies could not work. Then two Deadpool films came along and proved this idea to be false. Suicide Squad might have been better if it had the rating, as it always went over the top in violence alone. Warner Bros. held back to keep the PG-13 age limit, and that hurt the movie. This cannot happen with Birds of Prey, and it surely needs the R-rating more than others.

The main reason has to do with how violent the Birds of Prey comics can get. This cannot be withheld in the PG-13 format. Yeah, it’s a female-led superhero movie. But it’s also kind of a violent comic and deserves to be that in the movie too.

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