5 Love Quinn Theories for Season 3 of 'You' on Netflix That Will Make You Rewatch Season 2

You is a show that had a massive second life, thanks to Netflix. After moving from Lifetime to the streaming platform, and blowing up thereafter, it got a second season which way more intriguing than the first. Which is saying something, because Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) is an interesting, if not psychotic, man. 

His newest obsession was with Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), who is a lot more fun to watch than Beck. With that being said, she also had a massive twist, or two. So, will she suffer the same fate as Beck did at the end of Season 1 next season? Here are five theories about the Los Angeles cook with a murderous side. [Obviously, major spoilers ahead for You Season 2]

Love Quinn kills Joe Goldberg

On the You Reddit page, one user posted a screenshot from the official Instagram showing the first episode’s script for Season 3. The title was “And They Lived Happily Ever After.” There were several good comments that followed, with someone asking if Love will kill the woman next door that turned Joe’s head at the end of Season 2.  When someone said that was too predictable, another wrote,

“Love kills Joe and takes over the narrative.”

Could Love kill Joe? Well, looking at her character, Love has only killed when she’s trying to protect those she loves. That viewers know of, of course. So the only way she’d kill Joe is if she was seriously in fear for her life or that of their child’s. Which is definitely looking like it could be a possibility. Plus, it would be interesting to see Joe “get his,” so to speak. Sure, they’ve both done horrible things, but he has a longer kill list. Again, that we know of. 

So while Love wouldn’t enjoy or set out to kill Joe, Season 3 could bring up a scenario where she doesn’t think she has any other choice. 

Joe kills Love

Going off of that theory, another common thought is that Joe will kill Love. He nearly did it when she came to visit him in his box the last time, before she told him she was pregnant. And viewers know he’s 100 percent capable of it, having tried to do it to Candace and succeeding with Beck. He’s killed people he’s not dating too, like Peach, Benji, and Elijah. 

“My thought is that Joe is playing the long con with Love, and is fully planning to kill her as soon as he gets what he wants (their baby),” one Reddit user wrote. It certainly seemed like Joe was convincing himself to stay with Love and that he did want to genuinely be with her now that she was pregnant. But Joe is the master of even fooling the audience inside his head, so that “long con” idea could be a possibility. 

This specific user also noted that maybe he’s off to find a “better mother” figure for his kid, since he doesn’t trust Love. This leads to him killing her. Again, it’s possible. 

Love killed her husband and it’ll come back to haunt her 

OK, this theory about Love being the reason her late husband died is a pretty popular one. There are several things to it, with one being that it’s not beyond Love to do what she wants to get what she wants. However, as stated above, she kills the au pair, Candace, and Delilah because she doesn’t see a way out that involved them alive. Mostly for the benefit of her and her family. 

Killing James because he didn’t want a kid is a bit odd, especially with the way she mourns him later. 

Regardless, if she did kill him, it’s possible that it’ll come back and bite her in the butt. For one, Delilah had a newspaper clipping about his death on one of her boards. So, even though the Quinns are used to getting away with things, if Delilah left enough hints behind could it be enough to bring Love down in her suburban paradise?

Ellie will come back to expose Love and Joe 

That brings us to this theory, that Ellie will be the one to come back and take Love and Joe down. She really hates Joe when she leaves at the end of Season 2. But even though she has so much animosity toward him, she also has a lot more toward Love. 

Joe implies to Ellie that Love and Forty are the reason Delilah is dead, so for all Ellie knows, Joe is a bad guy but not the one responsible for her sister dying. Which is kind of the truth. So, with Delilah possibly being on top of Love killing James (if she did), it would make sense for Ellie to come back and expose her. And if she finds the right people, it could be more than the Quinns can squash. 

Joe and Love actually live to see another season, maybe better than they started off

Ok, this theory is definitely one of the least likely to happen, mostly because this show is not one to give “happy” endings. Even if both Joe and Love aren’t great people, having them come to a stalemate would definitely fall into that category. 

One user on Reddit lays out a big theory with many components to it. But the one that has Joe and Love coming to a compromise at the end is the most possible. Because it basically guesses that Love and Joe are murderous all season, with Joe wanting the new woman next door and Love catching on. But then at the end, they’re indifferent to one another, having killed the object (or objects) of their affection or disgruntlement. 

Then, when Love gives birth, Joe either falls back in love with Love or with his new daughter. Vowing to shield her from the world and filling that hole in his heart that his childhood left him with. 

Express UK pointed out that another Reddit theory saw the books the woman next door is reading, which all hint to change. Could Joe and Love change enough to finally find their way back to each other? The show basically hints at a happy ending not being a possibility but who knows? Maybe they’ll live long enough to see another season, if there is one down the line. 

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