6 Free Dog Apps For Owners On A Budget

Here is a list of some useful pet apps that would not break your budget.

Dog apps have been steadily rising in popularity lately. The six free dog apps listed below are designed to help pet owners find affordable services and some helpful tools to care for their furry friends.


Rover is an app that helps pet owners with pet sitters. According to Canine Journal, owners can sift through any pet sitter’s profile and reviews about a particular sitter on the app. They can also schedule a meeting, reserve, and pay the sitter through the app.

Rover gives owners premium pet insurance and photo updates while they’re away as well. Owners can choose whether the sitter cares for their dog at home or in the sitter’s house. Rover is available for iOS and Android devices.


This dog app connects owners with certified and trained dog walkers in their area. Owners can choose from a list of walkers. The app shares a picture of the walker-to-be and a little background information about them in the About Me section. According to Angel.co, Trotter walkers pass background checks.

Owners can pay through the app and can communicate with the walkers through the chat feature. They can also keep track of their dog’s route while they are walking through Trottr. This dog app is available for Android devices.


iKibble is a helpful free dog app that helps owners learn more about the foods their pets are eating. According to Barkpost, all a pet parent has to do is search for the food their dog has eaten. The app will inform the owner if the food was healthy for their pet. This app is available for iOS and Android devices.


This app opens up a whole community of pet lovers for both pets and their parents. Users can place a marker on their location and invite other pet owners over for a playdate. They can mark several locations. DoggyDatez is available for Android devices.


BringFido is a mixture of all the apps discussed previously on this list. It holds lots of useful information for pet owners, including the closest pet-friendly hotels or beaches and the nearest veterinary clinic. Users can also book walkers, groomers, and sitters through the app. This app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

This free dog app will come in handy when handling a pet’s health. Pet parents can send their claims through their smartphones. All they need to do is take a picture of their invoice. They can register many pet insurances on the app as well. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is available for iOS devices only.

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