7 Celebrities That Make A Fortune From Merchandise Sales

When it comes to supporting their favorite stars or musicians, the fans do everything they can.

While there are many ways to show love to your favorite stars, buying their releases and merchandise is the most significant way to support your idol directly. You can follow them on their social media accounts, comment, and like on every picture but buying their merchandise is a much more significant way to support your idols. With the help of the fans, here is the list of the top-earning celebrities for their inventory.

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7 Shawn Mendes

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Shawn Mendes comes in seventh place, earning about $4.8 million from his merchandise sale alone. Mendes has been hitting it bigger this time with his documentary and concert film showing on Netflix. After he has released his latest album, Summer of Love, which reached No. 15 on the US Top 40 tracks for Adults on Billboard, he has announced that he would be doing yet another tour with about 64 dates across the UK, Europe, and North America. The upcoming tour is titled Wonder: The World Tour, which will be starting soon.

6 The Weeknd

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The Weeknd has reported an income of $5 million earning from his merchandise sale, putting him in sixth place. The artist’s performance on the 55th Super Bowl halftime show had made history, and he became the first-ever Canadian solo artist to headline the show. Just recently, he was teasing the fans that his album has been finished after the long wait, but the official date of release is still not made. Aside from selling the merchandise on his website, he sells some digital copies of his songs on the website. Several of his hit songs from his previous albums, like Blinding Lights, Starboy, and Can’t Feel My Face, are featured on his vinyl collection.

5 Justin Bieber

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With over $5.6 million of merchandise sales, Justin Bieber takes fifth place on the list. As everyone knows, the Canadian singer has broken and held different records, and being one of the top-selling artists for merchandise is no biggie. Despite controversies surrounding his life left and right, this year, he has become the most followed person on Twitter with a total of 114 million followers. His latest worth tour called Justice is set to start on February 22, 2022, which would rack up his earnings for merchandise for sure.

4 Eminem

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Eminem may have left the limelight for some time, but his loyal fans are sure to stay with him, earning $7.6 million from his merchandise and also putting him on the fourth spot on the list. He has been making his comeback to the hip-hop world one step at a time, but the fans sure did miss him. Just recently, it was announced that he would be performing on the 56th Super Bowl halftime show with Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre. The earnings from his merchandise mainly came from selling varied collector’s items which feature Eminem’s alter ego, Slim Shady.

3 Ariana Grande

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With no surprise, Ariana Grande comes in third place with merchandise sales of $10 million. The Voice Coach Ariana Grande has recently concluded a virtual tour titled Rift Tour hosted on the popular video game called Fortnight. She has appeared at the concert from August 6-8, which was viewed by 78 million players worldwide. Her earnings of $10 million from her merchandise are not surprising since a lot of young teens are idolizing her, and she’s been one of the music icons for the young generation.

2 Lady Gaga

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With a huge gap, Lady Gaga takes second place with $15.8 million in sales from her official merchandise. With the worldwide success of her remix album Dawn of Chromatica, it is no surprise that she came in second. A lot of people are also are gushing about her role as Patrizia Reggiani on the upcoming film House of Gucci, which seems to make the career of Lady Gaga spin in full force with no sign of stopping real soon.

1 Harry Styles

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With about $22.9 million of earnings from merchandise sales, Harry Styles takes the top spot. Of course, Harry will always be Harry, and his merchandise is a hit to almost all-female human beings. Styles, who has released two full studio albums, have reached platinum and gold in different countries worldwide. The Watermelon Sugar singer is stealing the hearts of females in all the generations left and right, and one of the best-selling merchandise from his collection is the printed Harry Styles on the Watermelon Sugar tote, which was seen on the music video. He currently sells different clothing accessories and items.

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